Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Movie Night

Last night Emma's school hosted a family movie night in the auditorium. From the moment I picked Emma up from school until we left for the house Emma asked if we could go. Of course she didn't mention that it was last night until about 15 minutes before we needed to be there. I figured since Dave was stuck at work why not. So we rushed around to get our shoes and coats on and out the door we went.

It only took us 5 minutes to get to her school so we made it there before the movie started. We even had time for us to get some popcorn and water that the PTO was selling for a buck each and Emma was able to say hi to numerous teachers and a few friends. Then we made our way into the auditorium to find some seats. Emma wanted to sit with her friend Haily but the seat around her were all taken. Of course that lead to me being a mean mom and making Emma sit a few rows in front of her. At that moment I really considered turning around and going back home but I didn't. Eventually Emma quite pouting and watched the movie.

About half way thru Hailey and one of the other girls in Emma's class Bethany started running up and down the side isle and Emma asked to join them. I told her no, we are here to watch a movie not play. Again Emma got mad at me but I didn't care to much. I think Emma tried to talk me into letting her up 3 or 4 times and my favorite excuse was that if she didn't get to go with them then Haily would stop being her friend because Bethany was cooler. Eventually the two girls settled down and sat two rows in front of us with no one in between. Bethany turned around at one point and asked if Emma could sit with them and to that I said yes. I figured there was no one between us and I could see her ever single minute so it couldn't hurt. Of course I made it clear to Emma that she was to sit and be quite and if I saw her get up or if she was loud she would have to come back and sit with me. This action of mine returned me to the best mom ever status, at least with Emma.

Of course Ian got mad at me for not letting him go with Emma but I just wasn't ready to let him go sit with someone other than me. Letting Emma sit with friends was a big step for me and I just couldn't do both. I did think it was sweet that Emma asked if Ian could go with her though. I was able to make things up to Ian by giving him a brownie I bought before the movie started and that cheered him up enough to get through the rest of the movie.

I guess I should say a big THANK YOU to the Groveport Elementary School PTO for putting together the free Family Movie Night. It was a great way to spend the evening with the kids.

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Tiffany McCallen said...

Who doesn't love free entertainment?! Very cool.