Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking Back on a Decade

I just finished reading Tabi Rambles On's latest post about the events of her life in the past decade and thought it was a great idea. So here are is my life in the last 10 years.

2000 - Began planning Dave and I's wedding while attending college in Dayton, Ohio with him here in Columbus

2001 - Moved back to Columbus and Dave and I got our very first apartment. Looking back I can only laugh at how bad that place was but it was cheap and worked for what we needed then. I do owe that apartment though because Shanna moved in across from us and even I hated her in High School we became best friends and things today just wouldn't be right without her.

2002 - This was a big year, I turned 21 and then a month later Dave and I were married after almost 3 years of planning and 6 years of dating. We also had a miscarriage that year which was not easy but it all worked out in the end.

2003 - I spent the first 9 months of this year pregnant and miserable but the last 3 months were spent learning how to be a mother and loving my sweet baby girl. This year truly changed me.

2004 - This was a tough year for Dave and I. We both lost our jobs (at different) times so things were financially hard for a while but clearly we made it through.

2005 - '05 was a very busy year for me. I started working for the Ohio Attorney Generals office that summer and I'm still here. Dave had the opportunity to go to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to help and I was able to visit him for a weekend. The biggest and best part of 2005 though was Mr. Ian man being born which again changed me forever.

2006 - The biggest thing to happen to us in '06 was we moved from an apartment into a cute little house that was built in 1861 and had tons and tons of charm and character.

2007- I was promoted at work and joined the Bookkeeping section which is now known as the Accounting section. I was so excited to being moving up and into a different section.

2008 - I really can't think of anything major that happen in 08 just the normal stuff of a working mother with 2 kids.

2009 - This was another very big year for our family. After allot of thought Dave and I bought our very first house which has been so much better than we ever could have imagined and still doesn't seem real some days.

Looking back at the past decade it is really amazing to see all the changes that I have gone through most of which have been good. Even the things that seemed bad at the time turned into something better for us. Hopefully the next 10 years will be just as good or even better than the past 10 years.

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Tabi said...

And do you feel like it just all flew by like I do?? It's amazing how much happens in those years! Here to another amazing decade!