Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Recap

I know it's been a while but it seems anymore that when I have time to get on here and blog I'm just too tired to do it. Tonight though I'm feeling pretty good thanks to an awesome BUCKEYE win.

This year for us Christmas was different and not just because we are in a new house. My MIL came down with H1N1 which turned into pneumonia and that had her out of commission for the two weeks before Christmas. For the past 12 years Dave and I have spent Christmas Eve at her house but she didn't want us bringing the kids up this year without her having the chance to clean and sterilize her house. Of course Dave and I didn't want the kids up there before she did that either. At the last minute Sharon decided she was come to our house Christmas morning and watch the kids open their Santa presents and then do Christmas with her.

So for Christmas Eve the kids and I hung out at home while Dave was with his Uncles and we did some last minute cleaning, made the cheeseball for Christmas, chopped some onions and celery for other Christmas lunch dishes, and we spread some Reindeer food in the back yard to make sure Santa could find our house. Mostly though we waited and waited for Aunt Stephy to come in from California. Finally around 10pm Aunt Stephy arrived so she hung out with the kids for a while before I sent them to bed. We also ended up with a surprise guest which was Uncle KJ. My mom came down with a bad cold so I agreed to have KJ stay with us Christmas Eve. Once the kids went to bed, Steph, KJ, Dave, and I wrapped all the presents Steph brought with her and all the kids Santa presents. At 2am we all finally made it to bed which made the 7am wake up call from Sharon a bit tough.

Bright and Early Christmas morning Sharon came over and just after we got all of her presents unloaded the kids got up and the crazy day started. The kids loved all their presents and of course had to open everything as soon as the last present was unwrapped. Thankfully my MIL brought breakfast with her so all I had to do was make coffee. After breakfast I started on the food for lunch which consisted of Ham, cheesey potatoes, stuffin muffins, peas, and dinner rolls. While I was cooking my Grandma arrived which was so nice. This was my Grams first Christmas without her husband so we wanted to make things easy for her and thought being with us and the kids would help. It was also nice to have her with me in the kitchen and helping. My love of cooking comes from watching her in the kitchen growing up and this was the first time I have ever cooked her an entire meal. Shortly before lunch Sharon left to go over to her dads, and my brother and his wife came over. After lunch my mom showed up and we all opened our presents. This year was a little bit emotional as my sister, brother Nick, and I all received scrapbooks of our dad. Back this fall before my sister moved her boyfriend came out to meet us all and Steph and I made a comment that we didn't have any pictures of our dad. That gave our mom the idea to make the scrapbooks and they mean more to the three of us than I think we can explain.

After a long day everyone left to go home except my Grams who decided to spend the night with us. The kids of course loved this and took the time to play with her and talk her ear off. The next morning after breakfast Grams left to make her way back home and the kids and I took Aunt Stephy to the airport which was very hard to do. That put an end to The Wilson's Christmas 2009 and it was a very good one.


Blarney said...

Minus the H1N1 it sounds like a wonderfully relaxing Christmas holiday. Happy New Year to you & yours!

Tabi said...

What a sweet gesture from your mom with the scrapbooks. I bet you will treasure them forever!