Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Playroom

During the moving process Dave and I went back and forth on what to do with the 4th bedroom. At first we thought we would use it as an office, then we thought about a playroom, then it was back to an office, and finally it was decided that it would be a playroom.

At the old house the kids bedrooms were always a mess because all of their toys were in their rooms and of course they had to get all of them out at the same time and never put them back. It was always so frustrating for me at bed time because I would have to walk through all of their toys without killing myself. It also seemed that once their rooms were a mess the toys would start to find their way downstairs and into the living room which then would make the living room seem like a mess.

Here a few toys have found their way down to the living room but for the most part the toys have stayed upstairs. However it seems the toys in the playroom are making their way to the bedrooms. This weekend I thought Emma was being so good and playing nicely by herself upstairs. She was playing up their but it seems she had moved half her toys from the playroom to her bedroom and the other half were in the hallway by the bathroom. I was so looking forward to this playroom and being able to just shut the door when I didn't want to look at the mess but it just doesn't seem to be working that way. I'm hoping that sending Emma to her room to clean until it's all back the way it should be will teach her not to do it again but I think that's probably not the case. Any thoughts on how to make this work? Please!!!


Tabi said...

Throw all the toys away? Ha! Just kidding, I think your fighting a never ending battle with this one!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember the playroom at my parents' house! I especially remember how clean-up time meant stuffing it all in the closet or under the giant rug. :) If I recall correctly, MOST of our toys stayed in that room, but we took them out each day to play in other spaces. Best rule of thumb: all toys have to be returned to the playroom at the end of the night (even if it means just chucking them in there). Good luck! - tif

Emily said...

I got nothing... sorry love.
You are an awesome Mommy!