Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Picture Game

All American Monkeys tagged me today to post a picture. The rules are simple just go to your pictures, find the fourth folder, in that folder find the fourth picture, then post it with a story about what it is.

Just so everyone knows I am on my laptop which didn't start having pictures stored until this spring so my fourth folder happens to be the one from my brothers wedding and thankfully the fourth picture was this one.

This is my Brother Nick the Groom (middle back), my baby brother KJ the Best Man (middle front), my sister Steph a Bridesmaid (on your right), and of course me a Bridesmaid (on the left)

Now for my turn to tag four people and they are;

1. Tif-McCallen Mussings

2. Lindsay-The Adams family

3. Em-Hannah, Charlie, Austin, Adam, and Me

4.Carrie-Candid Carrie (just to see if she will do it)


Lindsay said...

That is a good picture of you guys! :) Ok I will do it but I have to get my laptop back from Sheena first. I haven't been able to post any pics cause I don't have my computer. :(

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

That's a good one!! Didn't you breathe a sigh of relief when #4 wasn't something bad and you had to cheat to go with another one. You guys a really good looking bunch!

Tiffany McCallen said...

Alrighty Mrs. Wilson, I'll get on it! I may be late, though. I still owe Linz a post too!