Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Man's Party

This Sunday Ian will be three. Being born 4 days for Christmas makes it really had to have a birthday party on your birthday or even around it. In order to get the most out of a birthday party I throw his early every year. This year was actually the latest I have done it since he was born. We had Ian's party this past Sunday so only a week early this year.

When I was planning this Ian said he wanted to have his party here at home instead of the skating rink like Emma's. So that is what we did we invited about 30 people total (adults and kids) and about 20 RSVP'd. Since Ian is in love with Dinosaurs that was the theme on the invitation and the cake. I made and bought Ian's favorite foods, subs and lunch meat sandwiches, meatballs, taco dip, chips & pretzels, and a fruit tray to keep us a little healthy.

As people arrived they fixed some plates for once all the kids were old enough (well all but Jenn's newest Tyler but he is only a month old)to eat by themselves so we fixed their plates and sent them up to the kids rooms to eat at the little tables they have. That meant us adults were able to eat in peace downstairs and talk a little too which was nice.

Once we all had eaten more than we should have and passed Tyler around a little it was time for Ian to open his presents. Now my sister was in charge of the camera because Dave was holding Tyler and while I'm on that I should mention he announced to everyone that he would like another baby. This is not going to happen since I can't have any more and he doesn't want one knowing how dangerous it is for me but still if things were different he would want one. Anyway back to the story, my sister hasn't had much practice of taking pictures of 3 year olds so all of them are of Ian's back opening his presents. He got a ton of cool toys this year including the Imaginex Fire Station, a tonka truck, a musical Hummer, some superhero figures, clothes, A Metalica t-shirt (from Aunt Stephy and Daves favorite.

Of course there were two big gifts this year Elmo Live from Dave and I which Ian has been asking for non stop. He loves his Elmo too which is great. Then there was the big gift from my MIL, Spike the remote control Dinosaur that is almost as big as Ian and he loved him in the store.

So how do you think he feels about Spike being here?

Yeah, he was so excited when he saw the picture of Spike on the box. He pulled the box across the floor and begged Dave to put him together right away. Once Dave had him all together we turned him on and the first thing Spike did was rear up on it's tail and roar. That was it Ian screamed, well all the kids screamed the first time but Ian took off for me which is when Steph snapped the picture. I will say as long as Dave doesn't torture Ian with Spike I think he will warm up to him. He will sit on your lap and use the remote control just like in this picture.

Of course once all the toys were out and you couldn't walk through the living room it was time for cake. These next few pictures are some of my favorites. As soon as we started to sing Happy Birthday to Ian this is what he did.

I guess he didn't like they way we sounded because he covered his ears and kept yelling at us all to stop. So we sang really fast. Since he was made he didn't want to blow his candles out so his friend Andrew and I helped. Ian did finally blow the last one out which was the big 3.

All and all it was a nice party and a good time. Ian loved most of it and I'm thankfully.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a terrific party! So glad everyone had a good time. And that dino is pretty darn cool...

- Tif

Blarney said...

Awww! Yeah, birthday around a holiday is hard for the little ones but from the looks of it you did a great job.

Kara said...

Looks fun. Kids toys these days are amazing. we need to make a play date one day... and NOT at the babysitters house. Haha! Happy Birthday Ian!