Friday, December 12, 2008

The Stork, A Miracle, or the Truth?

It finally happened this week. While we were eating dinner this week I was telling Dave about a friends whose newborn is in the NICU at Children's Hospital. Just to mention but it seems that everyone I know whose was pregnant and due this month has had their baby early. Of course that means there has been a lot of baby talk going on lately which lead to the question.

Yep, Emma asked us, well no, she asked me where babies come from. When she asked this my fork was on it's way to my mouth and I just dropped it. I knew this question would eventually be asked but I wasn't ready for it. I'm really not sure why I wasn't ready because she is five but still she asked.

Once I finally regained my voice I told her to ask her daddy, which she did and he looked at me and said "she asked you first so answer her".

So here is what I said. "Two people fall and love and get married and then they have a baby" Then I crossed my fingers and toes and prayed that she didn't want any more details. It worked she was completely satisfied with that answer and we went on to talk about Wonderpets and their Christmas special.

My issue now is did I answer her right? Does it matter what my answer was at her age, or could the wrong answer screw her up? I don't really believe you should be married before you have children but if I'm being honest I would prefer Emma wait till she is. To the real point though, should I have said something like the stork brings them or god puts them in a mommies belly or should I have talked about sex?

You know these are the moments when being a parent can really suck!


Tiffany McCallen said...

I think you gave the perfect answer! Short and sweet and without all the dirty details. :)

Lindsay said...

I agree I don't think she is qutie old enough to know the real deal....she will figure that out in time don't worry. :)