Sunday, December 7, 2008

When It Snows It Pours

As I mentioned yesterday it snowed all day. Actually there are still a few random snowflakes falling today. With all this snow has come some pretty cold wind and temperatures. Of course this means that it's the perfect time for the furnace to die!

Yes sir re, I was sitting in my chair watching a Christmas movie yesterday evening about 7:30 when I realized even with my big comfy sweater on I was freezing cold. So I got up to see what the thermostat said. It was set at 72 but it was 66...65... in the house. I thought that seemed a little odd but my first thought was just to turn the temperature up so the furnace would kick on. 73....74....75....80...but nothing was happening.

Of course Dave wasn't home from work yet because he had a late sale yesterday so I gave him a call to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong with our new digital thermostat. He walked me through how to turn it up and I was doing everything right which of course was not what I wanted to here. The roads were kind of bad so I let Dave go to drive home and I went up to the kids room and brought there space heater down to the living room.

When Dave got home he went and looked at the furnace and noticed the pilot light was out. He tried relighting it but it would stay. At 8:30 we called out land lord and he came out to try and help. Somehow Dave and him were able to get the furnace going again. Our land lord stuck around for a little while to make sure it would stay on.

The furnace ran for about an hour straight before it kicked off. Around 11:00 when I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed I was getting cold again and I realized I hadn't heard the furnace kick on again. Dave went back downstairs and the pilot light were out again. This time Dave and I did everything that he and the land lord had done before but nothing worked.

I knew if I left the kids upstairs they would freeze overnight so I brought them down to the living room and we all slept here with the space heater to keep us warm. Somehow Dave was the lucky one and got the couch while the kids and I slept on the floor. Let me just say that my back is thanking me today. I'm actually amazed I was able to stand up this morning!

Are Land lord came back out this morning and after about 30 minutes Dave and him were able to get it going again and so far it's been ok. I am praying that it doesn't go back out again but even if it doesn't someone is coming out to look at it tomorrow. Part of me wants everything to be ok with it but another part of me hopes it needs to be replaced so when we go to buy this house in the spring we will get a brand new furnace. Is that wrong?


Blarney said...


I would say call a repair person and send the land lord a bill. It's too cold to mess around with this mess not only for you but the land lord. New furnace is cheaper than a ER bill in my book.

Emily said...

You poor thing, why did Dave get the couch???
I am so glad that its repaired!
Wanna come stay with us?

Tiffany McCallen said...

I hope it's broken! :) Trust me, you don't want to pay for a new furnace. Let the landlord take that cost. Also, it's amazing how long you can survive with space heaters until a new one's installed. Magic things. Stay warm!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

What a mess!! I hope it IS broke. I mean it sort of stinks till you get a new one but I don't think its wrong at all to want to go into purchasing the house and knowing you have a safe, working furnace. That is a good thing!!