Monday, December 1, 2008

Country, Rap, and Surfin Bird

Thanksgiving day after we had all eaten and the football game had been played all of us cousins (younger folks) were in my Grandma's living room talking about some of our nights out. This conversation led to my sister talking about how her roommate Courtney has been wanting to go Karaoke with Dave again. It just so happen that her, my sister, my SIL, and Dave and I were all going to be free Saturday night so we made the plans.

Steph & Me

Courtney & Alicia

Dave & Uncle Bob

When ever Dave goes to Karaoke he always calls his Uncle Bob to join us because his uncle is the one that got him into it. Now we all know I don't get to go out like this very often and when I do it's usually with just Dave so it was a real treat for me to have some girls to hang out with and even more of a treat that one of them was my sissy! I think the last time I was out with her was about two years ago and I was the DD.

I've never been out drinking with my SIL before but Steph has told me many stories of their nights out together which always seem to be fun. Up until this past Saturday my SIL Alicia's claim to fame was the night out a month ago where the Surfin Bird song came on at a local bar and she jumped up and did the Peter Griffin dance for the whole song. If you haven't seen this episode of Family Guy you really should.

Alicia, Dave, & Steph

So the night started with Dave doing Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues, then Steph, Alicia, and Courtney singing Journey's Don't Stop Believing. The girls were a little nervous to sing at first because the bar we were at is a Biker Bar but really you wouldn't know if you didn't see the "No Biker Colors" sign posted on the door. Anyway they got a great response from the crowd so they were feeling pretty confident. Next round Dave sang David Allen Coe's If that Ain't Country. When it came time for the girls next song Dave joined them in one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Him and the girls sang the Trashman's Surfin Bird and my SIL and Courtney kind of did the Peter Dance to it while my sister just kept singing the same lines over and over. Dave of course nailed it and was their saving grace! The crowd must have been bog Family Guy people because everyone loved and were laughing the whole time. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants and as soon as they were done I headed off to the bathroom. The final song of the night went to Dave and he closed it out with Eminem's Without Me which brought some Thirty something Ho's to the dance floor. One of which was wearing what looked to be a brand new white sweater belly shirt which my SIL thought was the funniest thing she had ever seen in her life.

(Look toward the bottom of this pick and you will notice the white swaeter belly shirt from the back)

Now for those of you not from Central Ohio you may not get this but if you close a bar around here to have to follow it up with a trip to the closest Tee Jay's restaurant. It's kind of like a cheap Bob Evans and they are famous for their Barnyard Buster which is eggs, hasbrown, and biscuits covered in country gravy. I personal find this beyond disgusting but most people love it. My sisters roommate is from Michigan and my sister had yet to take her to Tee Jays so had to go. It started out being pretty nice but quickly went south when these two guys were seated next to us. Somehow they new Dave's uncle and they were just talking to him but then they started to become obnoxious and make rude and stupid comments to everyone around. I'm pretty sure they thought they were being funny but they weren't they were just pissing everyone off. My SIL ordered a Grilled Cheese which came with two sides and for one she choose a salad. Of course the waitress brought her salad out before the rest of the food and she was eating it. The annoying guys decided that they needed to comment on this and started saying things to her about how rude she was to be eating her salad before the rest of us had our food. My SIL said something back to them that I can't exactly remember do to the large number of shots I had but I do remember them saying something about her being so angry and she responded with a "well I wouldn't be so angry if drunk ass's at other tables weren't trying to talk to me". I'm pretty sure that these guys could sense the anger building in Dave and they finally left us alone to eat our greasy food in peace.

By the time I got home Saturday night it was after 4 am. It has been years since I have stayed up that late and years since I drank that much. Of course I paid for it all day Sunday and a little bit today. I guess I am getting to old to pull that off but it sure was nice to feel young for a night!


Tiffany McCallen said...

A night out sounds like so much fun! And I haven't had a buster in forever. Funny trivia about Tif: I always order my buster with egg beaters and the gravy on the side. Like I'm trying to be healthy! Ha.

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Fun night!! You know what...I don't recognize any of those restaurants... I do know exaclty the kind you mean though. I guess we've just had different chains where I've been. Funny its still the same though! Hope you are caught up on yourself today!