Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rhino's Return and Departure

Well the day finally came when the Rhino returned. It was last Monday. I know I promised to let you all know when it happen but things were crazy last week and I wasn't sure how things were going to go.

I conveniently had to stay home last Monday because of the furnace issue. So when I got to work Tuesday my co-workers filled me in. They said she was fine on Monday and spent most of her day upstairs. Tuesday was a little different though. You could tell some things were bothering her but she never said anything to anyone. This went on for a couple more days.

Then Friday morning she was finally called into the office and informed that the investigation was complete and that she was being written up for creating a hostile work environment and age discrimination. This did not go well from what I was told and our union rep that was with her had to call the Union President to come over. Eventually she signed the report but she also requested a copy of the report which is no surprise to me. I'm sure she will try to do something with it to pay me back because that is just the type of person she is.

Now here comes the interesting part, yesterday morning their was an email waiting for us saying that the Rhino would not be returning to work until the first of the year. This is good news because it truly is more relaxed when she isn't there but we are all wondering why. I was never told what her discipline was going to be and I only know about the meeting because she told someone who came to me. So it is very possible she was suspended as part of this or she could be so pissed off that she is having her doctor give her another excuse.

I guess I will never really know why she is out again but I will enjoy it while I can.


Tabi said...

Sounds like a mess, I hope it all gets better soon so when and if she comes back you don't have to worry about it all!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this woman never works! Glad you don't have to deal with her though... - T.

Rick said...

Thanks for visiting the blog - glad you have a sense of humor. I'm not Buckeye expert and I wouldn't debate someone that carries one around in her purse, but as best as I could tell that's what an "AWAY" uniform looks like. Thanks again - drop in anytime.

Emily said...

Jess, maybe this will just keep happening...later and later...
I will keep my fingers crossed!