Monday, January 26, 2009

A break between all the Chaos

The kids had their first weekend with my MIL since the weekend after Thanksgiving. You all know she usually takes them one weekend a month but the last weekend in December when she would have her sister moved in with her. So that was out, and every weekend since then has been as well because of the move. Things finally settled down there for her to be able to get them again. Or she sensed that I was on the verge of a mental breakdown and decided to give me a break even if it meant chaos in her house.

Whatever the reason I am so grateful because I really was close to having a complete meltdown. I mean really I went straight from all the stress of the holidays into worrying about Ian's growth, to getting the bad news that about IGF-1, to my grandpa passing away. Then add in the stress of work and going through an Administraion change due to the former Attorney General resiging because of a sexual harrassment case. Oh and the normal issues of a mother and it was all becoming to much for me.

So when my MIL called last week and asked if she could have them I was so excited for the break and some peace and quiet to relax and reflect a little as well. I also knew I wanted to do something fun but I wasn't sure what. I called my sister to see what she had planned for the weekend and was very surprised to find out she wasn't doing anything on Saturday night. So we decided that we would hang out together just the two of us which is something we don't get to do very often. Neither of us wanted to go out anywhere so Dave made plans to go over to a friends house and play Rock Band which left Steph and I at home alone. We decided to go to Blockbuster and we rented Mama Mia (not as good as the broadway show but not bad)and My Best Friends Girl (really funny but very vulgar).

I woke up Sunday feeling rested and relaxed which was something I hadn't felt for a while now. It was so nice, unbelivably nice and it made going to Wal-mart that much easier. During my trip I picked up a clearenced book for $4.00 and after I put all the groceries away I sat down and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening reading the entire book.

I really think this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered for me. It gave me the time to work through some of the things going on in my life and make room for what is to come. Some of that being the email I recieved from my mom around 9 this morning. It seems the only Grandfather I have left, my Grandpa Jurden, was in the hospital. He had a heart attack last night. They were able to go in and put one stinit in an attary but had to stop because his kidneys were not doing good. Now they are saying they want to put him on dialysis but his heart ins't strong enough for that. So it's not looking very good right now. I am just praying that things work out and my Grandpa is able to pull through this. I guess this means my wonderful weekend was just a break in the chaos and not the end of it.

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Anonymous said...

Again, so happy that you got to relax! I'll be thinking about you and your family today, and saying a prayer for your grandpa. - Tif