Thursday, January 29, 2009

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta

It's Friday again and I am excited about this Friday. Not because of anything I'm going to do but because it's the last Friday of January and that means the month from Hell is almost over. Of course it's Friday Foto Finish with Candid Carrie and that always helps cheer me up.

There have been two major headlines at The Wilson's House this week.

Headline #1

A Mother who spent a day and a half in bed suffering from the worst cold in the history of colds comes out to discover her husband and children have destroyed the entire house.

Now while my house is still a complete mess from this I really didn't want to share a picture of it's messiness and there is no way you all are getting a picture of me sick. So it's on to the next headline.

Headline #2

Chiuaua almost killed by enormous icicles from the latest snow and ice storm.

I don't talk about Ginger much because she gets on my last nerve most of the time but we do have a Chiuaua named Ginger. Ginger is only 6 pounds and she hates the cold, snow, and rain. As you can imagine this makes it alto of fun to take her outside. Of course Tuesday afternoon we got hit with a huge snow and ice storm. Whenever it snows here we get icicles on our roof like these

Well last night as I was headed to the bathroom I noticed Ginger sitting by the back door. This is usually a good sign that she needs out so I stopped and hooked her to her chain then opened the door. Normally the icicles are on the outside portion of the overhang but for some reason with this storm some formed on the inside of the roof. When I opened the door it knocked on off and it came crashing down right on top of Ginger as she was headed out the door. Don't worry it came down on it's side so Ginger was not harmed but now I can't get her to go out the door at all.

It also didn't help that the kids watched this happen and now they are convinced that one is going to come down and stab them when they are going in and out of the house. Unfortunately I think we are going to be stuck with these icicles for a while since more snow is coming tomorrow and and even bigger storm is coming next week.

Alright, I shared my story so now it's you turn. Head over to Candid Carries and sign up using Mr. Linky. It's really easy and lots of fun.



Anonymous said...

Poor Ginger! I bet she saw her little doggie life flashing before her eyes. - Tif

Emily said...

Jess, I am so stupid, how did I not have your blog in my blogroll???? Lets just say I was very stressed with my new layout. I lOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!
And my goodness poor Ginger.
I acutally thought you were avoiding me... sorry the men in the white coats are here, I will call you if I am allowed to make a phone call.

my2boyz said...

WOW!!! Those are some icicles...found you thru carrie

Susan said...

I'm laughing because I swear the icicles on my garage today almost broke my windshield!! Thank goodness for Ginger! Stay warm...

~~tonya~~ said...

Hope you are feeling better!! Pretty icicles. We never get anything like that.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I'll be glad when the cold is
G-O-N-E, I'll bet Ginger will be too!

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Those are some icicles. they had to close down a lane of highway to get rid of a ginormous icicle hanging on a sign. They were afraid it could do some damage to a car. Crazy. Feel better.

Susie said...

Great picture! We call those deathicles.

Anonymous said...

poor puppy!! i have a chi too. please tell me how to get her to go outside!! right now she uses a pee pad!

American in Norway said...

Glad Ginger is ok... Gonna have to knock those down so you can get the kids & the dog out of the house! Happy Friday!

Ann On and On... said...

Poor Ginger...Poor you, what a fun challenge... :S

Could you take a broom to the icicles?

I wonder if there are fatalities from falling icicles? Off to find out.


Karen said...

Poor Ginger...poor thing probably thought the sky was falling on her!!

Glad you are feeling a bit better, but not good that the house ended up messy!!

Can you knock those icicles down? I had to do that when we had a big storm a few years ago..