Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snowy Roads and Sick Babies

From the time I left my house yesterday morning till sometime after 9pm last night it snowed here. Most of that time the snow was coming down so hard that all we saw out our office windows was white instead of the normal skyline of downtown Columbus.

This of course means that by the time I got out of work yesterday everything was covered in almost 6 inches of snow including the roads. Now I HATE driving in the snow especially in downtown. There are so many people all going one way, OUT, and tons of traffic lights. The combination of these two things and snow cause major traffic jams. So my normal 20 minute commute was turned into an hour and a half long commute. The only bright spot in it was that Dave was off yesterday so he was able to pick the kids up from the sitters so I could come straight home and once I got home Dave was pulling the frozen pizza out of the oven.

Typically around here if the road crews have all night to clear the roads they are in pretty good condition the next morning. However, this morning the roads sucked and it took me an extra 30 minutes to get into work which made me about 15 minutes late. Plus side to this my supervisor is amazing and was also running late because of the roads.

Now comes the fun part. About 30 minutes after I got to work I got a phone call from the sitter saying Ian is sick and vomiting.

Yipp-freaking-ee (not just yippee)

Of course he had to get sick on the day of my rescheduled meeting that I had to be in attendance for. So I called Dave and he went and got Ian instead of leaving for work but it's a darn good thing he was running late today. Once my meeting was over I came straight home and here I sit. Of course it would have been much easier if Ian would have gotten sick before I left for work, then I could have avoided the crappy roads.

Since Ian has been home he has only gotten sick one time and he has been able, so far, to keep half a grilled cheese sandwich down. This is not typically what I feed my kids when they have the stomach flu but I was making one for Dave to take to work with him and Ian wanted one. He wanted it so much he was crying on the floor when I said no. Usually I can handle these types of meltdowns but when they are sick for get it.

So that has been my last couple of days, how have yours been?


Tiffany McCallen said...

I hope Ian's on the mend and that you're snuggly and warm at home. My last few days? Ha ha ha ha ha... :)

Tabi said...

I hope Ian starts to feel better soon!! Stay warm!!