Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busted Pipes

It was in the 90's yesterday with very high humidity so after dinner I put sunblock and bathing suits on the kids and let them run through the sprinkler. This is only the second time I have had the sprinkler out this year. The first time Ian wasn't so sure of it. At first last night he wasn't either but Emma just kept showing him what to do and before I knew it Ian was getting closer to the sprinkler and staying in front of it longer than Emma. Of course I took some pictures of the occasion. She how happy they were.

Well after about 45 minutes of the playing in it and the water running I decided it was time to turn the water off and I bribed them with having some Popsicles. I walked over to the spicket and turned but the knob wouldn't budge. I went inside and grabbed my gardening gloves thinking that would help me get a better grip. No luck, it wouldn't turn and of course Dave was still at work.

By this time the kids were super annoyed with me because I had not brought them there promised Popsicles. Back inside I ran, grabbed two Popsicle's and took them back outside to the kids. We then walked over to our wonderful neighbors Tom and Shirley's. I told Tom what was going on and he came back over with me but he couldn't get it to turn even with some vice grips. He asked if I knew where the shut off valve was in the basement to turn the water off that way. In The Wilson's House Dave takes cares of all of that stuff especially if it's in the basement because of basement is more like a cellar and creeps me out.

I'm pretty sure Tom saw the panicked look in my face when I told him I didn't know where any of that is. Being the nice gentlemen Tom is he followed me to the basement and followed the pipe the water was running through but couldn't find the shut off for it. It was like it just disappeared into the wall. Both Tom and I looked for close to 30 minutes with no luck so he went back home and I called Dave. I think I forgot to mention that before I went to get Tom I called Dave but he didn't answer which usually means he is with a customer.

I finally reached Dave and he was on his way home. I told him what was going on and he said he would try when he got home. Well Dave couldn't get the knob turned and he couldn't find the shut off so he called our Landlord who had to call his brother who is a plumber to find out where it was. Well the brother said the southwest corner where there was nothing but a wall so our landlord came over to help look. Finally around 9:30, 3 hours after I turned the water on they found the shut off which was hidden behind a panel of dry wall and a shelf. they turned the water off and Dave and I thought everything was good.

Since I spent so much time down in the basement I felt all gross and wanted to take a shower. I went into the bathroom and turned the knob for the shower but no water came out. I thought this is really weird so I tried the sink. No water there, last ditch I tried the kitchen sink and there wasn't any water there. Apparently the only way to get the faucet outside turned off was to turn off the water to the entire house. So Dave went back downstairs and turned the water on long enough for me to take a shower. He had to do that again this morning so he could get ready for work. The plumber brother is supposed to be by today to put on a new facet outside and I'm praying that is very soon.

I know this stuff happens especially when you have an older home like this but it still sucks.

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Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Awe so much summer fun! Those popsicles sound GOOD!