Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Walt Disney World

Week 1

So this is part 2 of my weekly series where I am posting articles from a newspaper I wrote when I was 6. Unfortunately my husband is in the process of rebuilding our desktop so all I have is my laptop which is not connected to the scanner. What that means is no picture of what the article actually looked like.

I will however describe it for you. On the top right corner there is a giant picture of Mickey Mouse dressed in his best Uncle Sam costume, the top left corner is a small picture of a large crowd of people of a parade. The story is written on the bottom half on the page.

Now the story is written like this;

Walt Disney World

Today July 4, 1988 is the opening of Walt Disney World. At 12:00 noon on channels 4-6- & 10 a parade. Over 20,000 people got tickets to get into the amusment park. At 10:00 the fastest roller coster in the amusment park space mountain will be running. There are 100 different rides from roller coasters to kiddie rides. There are also 40-50 gift shops

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