Saturday, July 26, 2008

Go Back to Cali

I'm not sure how big of a news story this has been in other states but earlier this week Carson Palmer the Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals (a former USC player) was being interviewed by a radio station and he made some comments about living in Ohio and The Ohio State Buckeyes. Actually here is some of what he said in his interview;

Said Palmer: "I don't watch what I say. I cannot stand the Buckeyes and having to live in Ohio. . . . It drives me completely nuts . . . I just can't wait for this game to get here so they can come out to the Coliseum and experience L.A. and get an old-fashioned Pac-10 butt-whipping."

Now if you have ever read my blog or if you know me at all you know I am a HUGE Buckeye fan. For those of you that have read my blog you don't know that while I'm a Buckeye I am also respectful to other teams and their fans. I'm not big on smack talking or any of that. So what Mr. Plamer said does not make me mad. I do however think it was a stupid move on his part. Being that he is USC Alumni he has every right to root for his team in the upcoming game against OSU. Where he screwed up was talking so negatively about OSU. See in the Buckeye State most people are Buckeye fans before they are fans of a professional team so the majority of Bengals fans are Buckeye fans first. Those Buckeye fans are the ones that pay his salary so stupid move Mr. Palmer, real stupid.

In Columbus we have a morning radio show called the Morning Zoo. The members of the Morning Zoo are pretty big OSU fans too and a few years ago they hooked up with a rapper named Cool Ray who came up with a song in response to Carsons statement and I think it's pretty funny so I thought I would share it for all of you.

I hope you enjoy it;( just click the link below to go to Cool Ray's site and the song should come up if not click on Go Back To Cali)

Go Bucks!!! O.H.I.O


Tiffany McCallen said...

Jess, I love that you're a die-hard fan! Me too. Palmer bites. :) Can't wait for the first game!!

Apple Joos said...

Such blasphemy! Send that jackhole back to his stupid California. Love it or leave it, buddy! Or just shut your pie hole!

Candid Carrie said...

Come on, Mrs. Wilson. Don't tease me like that. You honestly expect me to believe that there is some football news that doesn't have Brett Favre's name all over it?

David it is at the Brickyard this weekend for the race and I turned on ESPN for a couple of minutes today and they even have a Brett Favre tab that lights up with news bulletins.

I am Favred out which would be why I am totally out of the Cali loop ;)

I see you are still basking in the birthday afterglow! Have you forgiven Tif? I wouldn't, not yet anyway.

JWilson said...

I'm sorry I must say that once you retire from a sport you should stay out. There is no coming back I don't care who you are. Of course I am talking about the Brett Farve craze right now.

I think the Birthday glow is all gone now. :((