Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Lil Sis

I am the oldest of 4 kids. I have a 24 year old sister Steph (Stephanie), 22 yearold brother Nick (Nicklaus), and a 12 year old brother KJ (Kirby Jr.). My family is extreamly importnant to me even when I am so mad at them I want to strangle them so I thought I would share a little about each one of them in seperate post.

Starting off will be my little sis Stephanie Lynn. Our family is big on nicknames, most of the time we call her Stephy but I still revert back to Stephy Lou which is what my Aunt called her as a baby. Most of her friends call her Steph so that is what I will call her in this post so I don't embarass her too much.

The day Steph was born I had the chicken pox and I always say that shoudl ahve been a sign. The girl cried for the first year of her life. It wasn't just a cry either it was that screaming thing babies do and it was all the time. After about a week I was done and no longer wanted a baby sister.

When the crying stopped the picking and tormenting began. She drove me nuts for the next 15 or so years. We fought all the time and not just screaming matches. We had fist fights and somehow no matter what the reason or who started it I always got in trouble for it. Steph used to do something she shouldn't and then lie to our mom about it blaming me or Nick and we would get in trouble for it. I remember on numerous occassions chasing each other through the house with knives when out mom wasn't home, by some miracle we never stabbed each other. There was even a time when Steph got me cornored and pushed into a closet when she locked me in for almost 8 hours only sliding saltine crackers under the door for me to eat. Can you feel the love her folks?

Then the summer between my Junior and Senior year, her 8th grade and Freshman year our brother Nick went to stay at my Grandma's house and Maryland which left Steph and I at home alone while our mom was at work and our baby brother at the sitters. Steph got grounded very early in the summer so she wasn't allowed to go anywhere and once I got home from Color Guard practice I didn't have anything to do. This meant Steph and I had alot of time together. Somehow we managed to get along and actually had fun together. We would watch our Soap Opra's and make tons of good snack foods and just veg out untill mom and KJ got home. It was a great summer probably my favorite summer.

Since then we have been very close. Sometimes I wish we could have had that summer a little earlier because the following summer I moved away to college and when I came back she was only around for a year before she went off to school for 4 years. After she graduated from Bowling Green State University she came back to Columbus for a year and I thought we would have some time together but she foudn a job as a Sleep Tech working third shift so I never saw her. Last June Steph moved away again to attend graduate school at Marrietta College. She was one of 25 students selected for the Physican's Assistant program there. It was a huge deal and we were all very proud of her.

Thankfully she is back in Columbus now and most likely for good. She is doing her Clinicals here in town untill next August when she will graduate with her masters. She is very busy goign to work everyday and studying at night so I don't see her much but it's more than I used to. I know once she is done with school and has a real job in a Doctors office, possibly in a pedatrician's office, I will have a little more time with her.

I am so proud of all my lil sis has done and I am glad my parents had her. Life would have been very boring without her around.


Lindsay said...

Awww! That was very sweet! Steph is an awesome person, she is so sweet and always happy. I dont' know that I have ever seen her in a bad mood. She has a lot going for her and you should be proud of her that is a lot of work! :)

Tiffany McCallen said...

Isn't it funny how it takes a few years for sisters to realize just how valuable they are to one another? Loved this post; it reminded me of MY sister... and that made me smile.