Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Crap-tastic Day!

My day started off around 12 something this morning when Dave woke me up to say that Obama won the election. If you know me or have scrolled down and to the right on this page you know that I am a McCain/Palin supporter so my guy lost. I am sad about this and I feel bad for McCain because I truly believe he has dedicated his life to this great country and would have made a great President. Now that is all I will say about that, the people have spoken and picked our President and I will not bad mouth him before he has a chance to prove himself to our nation and the rest of the world.

Moving on though, I get to work and as I am walking in the door one of the ladies I sit by who is an Obama supporter is walking up and down the aisles singing Signed Sealed Delivered waiving a B.O. flag. I really hate poor winners and poor losers and I'm sorry but the workplace is not the place to act like that.

Strike number three for me for the day was the three hour long Sexual Harassment Awareness Training (SHAT as our office was calling, I swear on my life) I had to sit through because of the crap the old Attorney General Marc Dann pulled last spring.

The fourth crappy thing to happen today was that instead of my Bookkeeping section just having to pack our desk up to move we were told at 11:45 this morning that at noon we were to stop all work, pack up our desk and carry the bins down a floor to our new desk, unpack everything and bring the empty bins back up so the other people on our old floor could pack. The original plan was to pack up our desk starting around 2 this afternoon and then General Services was going to move the heavy ass bins down for us but apparently there was some kind of shortage on the moving bins and the rest of our section couldn't wait until tomorrow morning to move. Oh and we had to do this is our dress clothes. I am seriously thinking about giving them a bill for my dry cleaning!

The fifth and final thing was after I had all of my things packed in bins and moved down to my new desk our Manager informs us that we needed to keep some work upstairs with our computers and do some work! Seriously his email to us at 11:45 said;

"Stop working and pack it all up"

I don't know about you but "pack it all up" sounds to me like I needed to pack everything up to move.

All and I did all of this with a massive headache!

Now I realize this is a pretty depressing post but I really needed to get this out there and off my chest so thanks for listening and I promise tomorrow will be much better because even though the actually moving today sucked, the move itself is very awesome and my new cube is so much better than my old piece of crap.


Jen said...

Sounds like you need a good bath and a bottle of wine. Hope tomorrow is better!

Lindsay said...

What a crappy day. When it rains it pours.....I hope tomorrow is better! :(

Emily said...

TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER, or you are going to need to get drunk.

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

I'm with you. I had a crappy day yesterday too!! I hope you got a good strong drink at the end of the day. I'm a republican as are most of my friends and family and we were ALL depressed. But I keep reminding myself that 55 million of us are bummed so we aren't exaclty alone. Sucky about the coworker though. What an ass. ;)

Tiffany McCallen said...

I love the word "Craptastic." I totally stealing that one... and sorry about the bad day. Boo!