Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta Beat Michigan Week Style

If you've been reading my blog this week you know it's been dedicated to Beat Michigan Week. Of course this means that my Friday Foto Finish has to be all about my Buckeyes.

I also said yesterday that I would share my most memorable OSU vs. Michigan games.

The most memorable game for me was two years ago during the 2006 season. The game that year between a No. 1 ranked OSU team and a No. 2 ranked Michigan team. The winner of this game would win the Big Ten title as well as go onto the National Championship game. Beat Michigan week is always crazy and intense but that year it was intense times 10 and just got more crazy as the week went on.

By some miracle the weekend of the game was the weekend that month that my MIL had the kids so Dave and I made plans to go out and watch the game with some friends. We had also made plans to go out the night before, which we did, to celebrate a friends birthday. Since it was one of Dave's friends I let him drink and I didn't. I felt perfectly fine the whole day before but around 5 in the morning I woke up with that Oh My God I'm Going To Barf feeling in my stomach. I laid very still for a while hoping the feeling would just go away but it didn't. Eventually I had to make a run for the bathroom.

This really could not be happening not for the biggest game of the season! Not for the Michigan game at home! After the first round of vomiting I was feeling a little better and thought maybe there was just something I needed to get out of my stomach and I would be ok. I went back to bed but about 30 minutes later I was running back for the bathroom and this time I only felt worse after I got sick. It really was like a nightmare come true. A few hours later I woke Dave up and made him go to the store and get me some ginger ale, Gatorade, and Mrs, Grasses soup (my standard stomach flu necessities). I told Dave that he could still go out for the game if he wanted to but being a great husband he called our friends to cancel. One of them though decided that he would just come to our house and watch the game with Dave.

The game didn't start until 3 that year so around 1 our friend showed up and he came with a bunch of football game food for him and Dave. At the same time they guys were in the kitchen fixing plates of food I was venturing out of my bedroom to pee. I was actually starting to feel a little better and then I walked into the kitchen and was greeted with the smell of warm chicken wings. It was not a pleasant smell and brought the stomach issues back.

Luckily for me the vomiting stopped by 3 and I was able to lay in bed and watch the game. From the moment the ball was kicked off the game was super intense. We would score, they would score but neither team seemed to be able to get a lead that was anything major. The game came down to the last few seconds of the game and we won 42 to 39. This game sealed the deal for us to go to our second National Championship game under Jim Tressel and it also sealed the deal for senior Quarterback Troy Smith to win the Heisman. It was an awesome night to be a Buckeye even if you were sick as a dog.

I was able to find a great highlight clip of the game and you really should take a look at it just make sure your not in a rush.

Watching that gives me chills especially the singing at the end. Of course I can't leave you without some of my favorite pictures of us on game days.

(This has nothing to do with the post but man I have lost a lot of weight between the second picture with Emma in 2003 to the last picture taken this fall!)

Now it's your turn to go and share a picture, or two, or ten, just head on over to Candid Carries.



Susie said...

I love your team spirit:-)

Hippie Family... said...

OMG!! I had that last week, and blogged about my puke too..
We are buckeye fans by relation, we have 2 of our 5 living there and so we have to say GO Bucks unless MIZZOU is involved... :D
glad your feeling better. mine gave me a sour stomach for a week. when did yours end?

jen721 said...

What a cute little buckeye. He looks tired.

Jen said...

Go Bucks! We'll be watching!

American in Norway said...

So cute... My dad went to OSU so I totally get it,,,

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Nice pics! Congrats on the wightloss

Tabi said...

You are cracking me up with your comment on the coats!! I am so unobservant I had to go back and see which coats the kids where wearing!!

BoufMom9 said...

You have spirit, yes you do!

Adorable Buckeyes!
Happy FFF

Tiffany McCallen said...

GO BUCKS!!! Is it wrong that I have no idea where I was for that game? I remember it, but I'm clueless as to where I watched it. Huh. Anyway, can't wait for the BIG GAME tomorrow!!!

manic mariah said...

I too, love your spirit... it's contagious! You know what's funny? I was looking at your profile and under music I thought it said ANY gangster music instead of anything but. And I was all hmmm she doesn't seem like the type to totally dig gangster music

Emily said...

Go Bucks!

Teri said...

Go team go! Fun shots!!