Sunday, November 2, 2008

The perfect fall night

I would have to describe last night exactly this way, The perfect fall night! The weather here was a little warmer than normal but cool at night and we were lucky enough to be invited to a Bonfire at the McCallen's house. They live out in the country and have the perfect setting for this.

So when Dave got off work we packed the kids up and headed and hour north east. We got to Dave and Tif's around 8 and the other guest Chris, David (not mine), Tif, and Noah had already gathered around the fire. My Dave, the kids, and I quickly ate some of the great food Tif made for the evening and then we headed out to the fire pit to have some fun. The guys and Tif part of the time were drinking a variety of Beers but Tif also made a fabulous warm Apple Cider drink that had Carmel and bourbon in it. Let me tell you that you must go over to her post and get the recipe because it is well worth it!

Tif was smart enough to pull her riding lawn mower out so Ian and Noah could play on it and we didn't have to chase them all around the yard.

Emma even joined in the fun with the boys at one point.

Of course the kids did still run around the yard some which meant us parents doing some chasing. Here is Tif after chasing Noah.

Dave and I were lucky enough to get some cuddle time with our kids while watching the fire.

Of course no bonfire would be complete without the making of smores. This was Emma's and Ian's first bonfire which meant their first smores so I had to take some pictures. First up is getting the marshmallow on the stick.

then came the roasting in the fire which Tif and I had to take over because the kids were getting too hot.

last thing was to eat them. Emma loves hers but Ian wasn't all that impressed, for some reason he isn't a fan of marshmallows.

Around 12 or so we finally made our way inside and my two, who were still up, played with some of Noah's toys while Tif and I talked, David and Chris played pool and had a hopscotch contest with Emma, and my Dave fell asleep in a chair. Finally around 1 Dave, the kids, and I stole the guest bedroom and fell asleep very quickly.

David and Tif's guest bedroom is home to a handful of deer heads and some rather large fish so this morning when Ian finally got up he asked me why their were moose and sharks on the wall, I just laughed. :)

So thank you David and Tif for hosting the perfect fall night!


Emily said...

I think the pic with Tif and Noah and the pic with you and Ian are two of the cutest Mommies with their baby boys that I have ever seen!

Lindsay said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I really wish we could have been there I'm sure the kids would have had a blast! :)

Tiffany McCallen said...

Thanks again for coming up! We loved having you over...and the evening really was a great time. Let's do it again soon!