Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Begining to Look Alot Like Christmas...

Every year my MIL's company has their Christmas party at The Columbus Zoo. The Zoo always opens their Wildlights display the week before Thanksgiving and the party is always the Saturday of opening week.

So Saturday night Dave, the kids, and I met Sharon at the Zoo. This year it was exceptionally cold. When we arrived the thermostat in the car said it was 28 degrees. The only good thing was there was no wind so we didn't have to deal with any wind chill issues. Of course we were all wearing multiple layers to keep warm and the kids brought their blankets as well as one big one to share in their wagon.

When you first get inside the zoo their is a large lake where ducks and geese swim during the summer but for the Wildlights they have a light show set to different Christmas music. They added quite a few new things to the display this year and really all over the Zoo.

After we stood and watch the light show for a while we decided to head in the direction of Old Saint Nick. Of course we were side tracked on the way their when Emma saw the Carousel. Neither of the kids had been on it before and they both really wanted to go. Sharon stayed in the viewing area with the wagon while Dave and I accompanied the kids. They both had a blast and I can guarantee we will be stopping at this the next time we visit the zoo.

Moving on we had to stop and take some pictures of the Turtle, penguins, and flamingo's before we could go and see Santa.

I was really surprised this year when we got to the building with Santa. I expected their to be a long line but it wasn't bad. I think we only waited for about 15 minutes. Both the kids seemed really excited to get to see Santa and sit on his lap. When it was their turn Emma ran right up to him and sat on one knee, I carried Ian up and as soon as he was seated on Santa's lap he started screaming and crying. Of course I was a mean Mommy but I had them take a picture anyway, and I snapped one myself. Sharon wanted to get a package of the picture but their credit card machine was not working so she is going to try and order them online. That did not go so well for us last year but hopefully they will be better this year.

Oh after the picture was taken we got Ian from Santa but Emma stayed to tell Santa what she wanted and she told him she wanted a Hippo and a white blanket. I have no idea where either of those ideas came from but I think Santa is going to try and find a stuffed hippo and a white blanket.

Even with the freezing cold it was a nice evening spent with the family and Mammaw and the lights were so much better than last years!


Kelly said...

28 degrees?!! I'm frrrreeezinnng just thinking of it!!
Too bad Santa isn't looking over in the picture...that would have been a great Christmas card pic!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The lights look great this year. I'm really hoping to get there one of these days... Glad you all had a great time!

- Tif

Lindsay said...

I hope we can make it this year it looks like a lot of fun! Love the Santa picture, looks like Mason last year. :) Those are the ones you keep forever!

Blarney said...

Nice idea! Reminds me of the Christmas Lights Parades in NoCal.