Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Go Bucks, Beat Michigan Day 2

Yesterday I said that I would tell you all about the many traditions that take place during Beat Michigan week but I have decided to wait and do that another day. Instead I am going to tell you all about the greatest prank I was part of that revolved around this game.

This may be shocking to some of you but some of Dave and my oldest and closest friends are Michigan fans. This friend of ours comes from a family where he, his mom, and his two sisters are Wolverine fans and his Dad and brother are Buckeyes. I have never been able to figure out how his Dad and brother managed to survive football season because his mom is one of those bad winner/loser types of fans.

During the John Cooper years (90's) Michigan was on a winning streak against us and every year that they won we would have to hear this friends mom make one rude comment after another. She was even known for walking up and down the street blaring the Michigan fight song.

Then after the horrible 2000 season Cooper was fired and OSU hired a unknown man from Youngstown named Jim Tressel. During a basketball pep rally shortly after Tressel was hired he made a speech and swore to all of us fans that he would march into Ann Arbor and beat the Michigan Wolverines. to the surprise of most of us Tressel actually pulled this off and we were so unbelievable happy.

That year Dave and I were with a couple of friends at a bar watching the game. One of these friends was the girlfriend (now wife) of the Michigan fan. She was with us because her boyfriend and his family were all out of town and not due back until the following day. After years and years of her rubbing it in and running her mouth we so wanted to do something to get back at our friends mom.

we discussed a few options and decided it would be fun to get Scarlet and Gray streamers and kind of Tp their house. Once we got to the store we decided we had to do more than just that. So we ended up buying Scarlet and Gray streamers and balloons, a giant roll of craft paper, and a bunch of markers.

We all headed back to another one of our friends houses who just happened to live across the street from the target house. The first thing we did was have the guys climb up to the roof of their ranch style house and staple a Buckeye flag to the roof, then we went inside and made a huge sign that had a Block O with the Buckeye leaf and buckeyes and it said Go Bucks Michigan Sucks. The M in Michigan was even drawn to look like their M. The sign was the entire length of the house.

The next day shortly before they were to arrive home our friends and us went to work and we put the sign up and we got some of the streamers and balloons out but mid way through their van appeared coming down the street. Of course we took off running but they had all seen us.

It's never been confirmed but I am pretty sure our friends Dad and brother were pretty excited about the decor we had chosen for their front yard but his mom was PISSED OFF! Apparently she can't take what she gives!

Now I know some of you might be thinking this was very mean if us and normally I would agree that doing something like that is just wrong. I swear on my life though if you would ever met this women you would understand why it was the best prank of all time!


Emily said...


Emily said...

I O!

Tiffany McCallen said...

So love this story!!! You guys rock! Such a shame that I didn't know you then. I would have been ALL OVER that prank.:) GO BUCKS!!!!

Lindsay said...

That was pretty good and boy was she mad, Whooo! I think I even took some heat for that for helping. :)