Monday, November 10, 2008

The Charging Rhino

Do any of you remember way back in May I had a post on How To Stop A Charging Rhino and the Predator? If you don't remember them or never read them you should probably go there now then come back here.

Now that you're caught up you're probably wondering why I never talked about it again or updated you on the situation and it's because I was waiting for the conclusion of everything. So to fill you in a little, the complaint was filed, the Rhino was informed and she was not happy but she followed the rules and didn't speak to me. She did however tell one of our coworkers that she was going to break my skinny as, actually I should use her exact words which were " I am going to break that little girls skinny ass in half"!

That quote of hers was said in early July right before my week of vacation. When I got back from that vacation (or week off)she was not there and my coworkers informed me that she was going to be off for a few weeks. Those two weeks turned into two months which then turned into 4 months. It has been absolutely wonderful not having her in the office and our staff works so much better without her. We are not perfect and we do have problems but we are able to work them out.

Unfortunately the peacefulness is about to end because the Rhino will be back at work Wednesday. I am not looking forward to seeing her ugly face or hearing her nasty voice again. I can also guarantee this Rhino is going to be charging very soon after being in the office because there have been a ton of changes that she will not like.

The first one is we moved and the managers had to move her desk including all the personal belongings and they put her in the desk in the corner where she will no longer be able to stare at what we are all doing instead of actually working herself.

The second item that is going to tick her off is they have changed what her job duties are and some of the old duties have gone to me. She always thought she was better than the rest of us and more important because she handled his one duty, now that she doesn't have that god only knows what she will do.

Third and last up the Human resource department finally came to a decision on my complaint and the decision was in my favor. Basically not only was she creating a hostile work environment she was also discriminating against me for age. I know this seems a little crazy because I am in my 20's and age discrimination usually happens to older people but this women can't stand us little/young girls and has made comments about that quit a bit. So this means one of the first things my manager has to do is discipline her according to the recommendations from HR.

I really do wish that I could take Wednesday off because I'm not so sure it will be safe for me to be there but I can't so I will suck it up and go! Please say a prayer for my safety and the safety of my coworkers, I think we will need it. Now I am off to refresh my memory on how to avoid a charging Rhino.


Blarney said...

Let's hope Rhino has had lots of time to reflect and realize ... well that Rhinos aren't always right. Hold your head high and walk with confidence ... 1st one to show weakness looses.

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

I second the head held high. I can only imagine how nervous you must be. If I lived close I could drop by your work and be like 'what up my peeps?!' I could act all bad ass, strut around, crack my knuckes and be like your thug just in case she wants to start shit. Ok, maybe not but still it would be funny. I'll be thinking of you!!!

Tiffany McCallen said...

So you better write and tell me how it all goes! You've got me all curious now...

Emily said...

I second Tif, I will be thinking about you and sending avoiding Rhino charging vibes continuously.
I imagine she is just a joy to work with...I am sure you were all hoping that the four month stint would turn into a six month stint into a no working here stint.
Tell us how it goes!! And dont wear red, doesnt that attract them or something?

Emily said...

any developements?