Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Stop a Rhino From Charging

OK so if you haven't read my Predator post you might need to start there, but it's kind of long (sorry about that I had a lot to get off my chest). If you don't just know I am having some issues with a big nasty lady in my office and I had to file a complaint against her.

Well she hasn't been in the office this week so she doesn't know the complaint has been filed. She will however be back Friday and will be given the written letter explaining everything. In this letter she will be informed that she is to have no contact with me even if it is work related, we both have to go through our supervisor. Non-compliance with this will result in termination.

So at lunch today the ladies and I were discussing this and how our supervisor has to give her this notice first thing Friday morning. That is not going to be easy because we are pretty darn sure The Predator (or Rhino) will explode and our poor supervisor is on her own since our Manager and Chief are off on Friday. One of the ladies suggested that maybe our supervisor should call the zoo and ask where she could find a tranquilizer to take a out a baby Rhino (this is funny because when I say a big nasty women I really mean big, she is huge, 6'5" and she has to be over 200 pounds).

After lunch I get an email from one of the other ladies titled How to Stop a Rhino From Charging and man did I get a kick out of it. Allot of the descriptions of a Rhino explain The Predator very well so I am considering some of the advise given. I also thought you all might enjoy and find it useful if ever in a similar situation.

OK so here is what the e-mail said:

Step1 -- Know about typical rhino behavior. This can help you prevent a charge and recognize that most charging rhinos are trying to scare off intruders. Their keen hearing and bad eyesight make them wary. Rhinos are also more likely to be aggressive in areas where humans disturb or hurt them.

Step2 -- Keep aware of your surroundings. As rhinos often rest during the day, you can get quite close to a rhino without either of you being aware of each other's presence. Watch for signs that you may be approaching a large animal and leave the area if you think one is present.

Step3-- Give any rhino that you see plenty of room to prevent having the rhino see you as a threat. Watching the rhino from a distance may not be as exciting, but it will probably keep you safer.

Step4 -- Listen to the advice of any guides or individuals familiar with rhino behavior that are with you. Their experience and knowledge will help you avoid the rhino from charging at you.

Step5 -- Get out of the way. With a rhino's speed and size, stopping a charge at close range isn't going to happen. If you can't prevent a charge from starting, your only hope is to get out of the way.

Step6 -- Drive away from a charging rhino if you're in a safari vehicle. The presence of the vehicle or the people in it may be threatening to the rhino or be viewed as entering the rhino's territory.

Anyone know where I can find a Safari vehicle for sale???


Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

ROFL...Run and jump on your chair when the Rhino comes charging. Hopefully she will run right past you out the door and keep running!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Are you gearing up for tomorrow... I keep feeling like you're going on safari or something. :)

JWilson said...

I am totally gearing up for tomorrow. My stomach is in knots, I didn't sleep last night and I'm sure I wont tonight. The girls keep joking with me that I need to have a few bloody marys for breakfast tomorrow.

careysue said...

Let us know how it goes! I like how you liked this situation with staying out of the way of a rhino! Clever.

Good luck tomorrow!