Monday, May 5, 2008

Goodbye AWSME 69

Towards the end of June 2000 my husband went and looked at a 1969 Chevy Impala that was for sale. At the time Dave and I were engaged but I was living in the Dayton area attending College while he was still living here in Columbus. Since we knew I would be moving home soon he discussed maybe purchasing this car with me. It was a good deal but I didn't see why he wanted it or what he was going to do with it. Of course he said he wanted to fix it up and then we could take it to car shows. He also said that it would be something I could drive. Now I may not know allot about cars but I was pretty sure that back then they were all made to match the size of boats, which would be significantly larger than my tiny little Celica. So of course I said to him that I wouldn't be able to drive that huge thing and Dave tried to convince me that it wasn't any bigger than his moms Taurus. Yeah Right, do I look stupid (don't answer that)?! So I let that comment go and after some more discussions we decided to buy it.

On July 3, 2000 Dave pulls up to our friends house in this car that is bigger than a freaking boat and no where near the size of his moms Taurus. I do have to say though that it was pretty cool looking from the outside. The inside however was horrible, it was completely covered in Avocado green vinyl and carpet. Now on July 3 ever year in Columbus we host Red, White, and Boom (the largest display of Fireworks in the Midwest) so we all hopped in the new car and took it downtown to watch the fireworks.

For the rest of that summer Dave worked on some of the small things the car needed fixed, then winter came and into the garage it went. The following spring Dave and I got our first apartment so AWSME 69 moved into our garage there where Dave still occasionally did things with it. The next summer it didn't get a whole lot of attention because of our wedding and the following summer it got even less because I was pregnant with Emma and we moved.

Since Emma was born Dave hasn't done anything with the car it has just sat in storage, or our backyard (I swear we aren't white trash). This past winter Dave finally started to discuss the option of selling the car. We could defiantly make a profit off of it which could be used to pay of a few bills we have and really help us. We finally decided that selling it would be the best option and Dave was trying to figure out if he wanted to put it on eBay or not.

This brings us to yesterday evening. While I was cooking dinner Dave went out and started mowing the backyard. He didn't get very far when a man pulled up and asked him if he would consider selling the Impala. So Dave and this man negotiated a fair price. The man gave us $500.00 as a down payment and said he would be back in afew hours with the rest of the money. Sure enough a few hours later he came back and off AWSME 69 went.

Dave wont admit it but I know he was sad to see her go as was I. Even though Dave hadn't done much with the car it felt like she had become part of the family. Dave had allot of dreams for that car. Maybe one day when we have more money and he has more time he can find another one but for now this was the smart decision and the money we received for it will more than help us out.

So Goodbye AWSME 69 we will miss you!

PS: When we first got the car we went and purchased custom plates for it that said AWSME 69.


Tiffany McCallen said...

I never even knew you had that car! Isn't it funny how it's still sad to say goodbye, regardless of how often/much you see someone/something?

JWilson said...

I guess all the more reason to sell it. Yes it is hard to let things go that you have ahd for a while.

Lindsay said...

We did have a blast that 4th of July in that car! :)