Friday, May 16, 2008

Daddy's Cookin Tonight!!

OK so not really cookin but he got us dinner.

I always call my hubbie when I leave work and am on my way to pick up the kids. It's the only quiet time for us to talk except after they go to bed and then we are both tired. So as usual I called him this evening and he was acting kind of weird and wanted to get off the phone with me. I just chalked it up to finals stress (i don't know if I've mentioned this before but Dave went back to school last fall and is working towards is IT degree). I was a little irriated though becasue as I mentioned earlier today I didn't go grocery shopping last week so we don't have any food, and I wanted to know if there was anything he wanted for dinner tonight. I decided to let it go and we woiuld dicuss it when I got home.

So I went and picked up the kids and came home. As I walked in the door Dave was standing in the dinning room pouring me a glass of pop and sitting on the table were the kids and my plates pilled high with pepperoni and sausage pizza! I was so excited, I didn't have to cook, or even wait for my dinner tonight it was all taken care of for me.

A girl could really get used to this!


Carrie said...

Again, there is nothing like a Dave.

Amber said...

Hey. I love your blog. I sent you something, come to my place and visit.