Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This weekend has been so busy for us Wilson's and I am starting to feel the affects.

Yesterday the kids and I met my mothers at the mall. She still hadn't bought any shoes or jewelry for the wedding next weekend, so I went to help her. We found a really cute Blue Topaz necklace and earnings for her to wear. It's not the pearls she wanted but I really think the Blue Topaz will look better with her dress. No luck on the shoe front, she has this picture in her head of what she wants but I think it only exist there.

Then we all headed off for the hair salon. I had our lady cut Ian's really short, shorter than we have done before. He looks really cute, but not so little anymore. It's amazing how a hair cut can make you realize just how big your kids are getting. I also got mine trimmed and she gave it a slightly different look since my stacked bobb has become so popular here recently. Grandma Do Do got hers cut to but it's the same as usual.

After the hair cuts we went off to dinner and then came home. It was about 7 by the time we got home so it was baths and bed for the the kids. I however had some cleaning to do and I made my grocery list for today.

This morning it was kind of rushed, we had a birthday party for the daughter of one of the girls in bookkeeping and it was at 10:30. Of course stupid me wasn't thinking yesterday and I hadn't bought a birthday present yet. So I rushed around here to get the kids and I ready and we went to Walmart before we headed over to the party. The party was at the skating rink which my friend Jenn's husband runs (Jenn is also in book club). The kids had a blast, Emma actually skated by herself but Ian wasn't so sure. Ian ended up spending most of his time playing the different arcade games with Andrew (Jenn's son who is 19 days older than Ian and they go to the same sitter). In my rush to get to the store this morning I completely forgot to grab my camera so once Jenn sends me the ones she took I will post them.

After the party the kids and I headed back to Walmart to do the dreaded grocery shopping. I usually go Friday nights after Dave gets home and the kids are in bed so I don't have to deal with the packed isles and long lines. Shopping around 1 this afternoon made me realize what I good idea it is to go on Friday nights.

Of course once we got home I had to bring all the groceries in and put them away. Then I had to put Ian down for his nap. I have started some laundry and mopped the kitchen, breakfast nook, and bathroom floors. Now I am finally sitting down to relax for about an hour then it will be time to start dinner.

In case you were wondering where Dave has been this weekend, it was his weekend to work so that has left me with the kids by myself. I really hate these weekends.

Well I hope all of you had more of a chance to relax and enjoy your weekends than I did!


Carrie said...

I am guessing it will feel good to get back to work so your life can slow down!

JWilson said...

I wish coming back to work would slow things down but it wont. It's been crazy here for about a month and some events happened on Friday that will make it even crazier.