Sunday, May 25, 2008

So far, so good!

I am referring to my weekend! I was really worried Friday when I left work that this weekend was going to be crappy. With all the craziness at work I knew I needed a nice fun relaxing weekend. I also desperately wanted it to be nice outside.

So yesterday morning my day started at about 7:30 when I had to get up and run to the store. I didn't make it Friday night so Ian had no diapers and there wasn't anything to eat for breakfast. I had to get those few things before Dave left for work hence the 7:30 wake-up call.

I got home just in time for Dave to leave, so I fixed the kids thier breakfast, made my real grocery list, and got the kids dressed so we could go to Wal-mart. The kids were so good at the store. I was sure they would act up on me since it was busier than normal but they didn't. They even helped me carry all the groceries in and put them away. Then I made them some lunch and while they ate I cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom. Then the kids helped me sweep and mop the floors and vacuum. By the time all that was done it was Ian's nap time so off he went. Usually he fights me on this and cries for about 20 minutes but yesterday he climbed right into bed and went to sleep.

While Ian was napping Emma helped me make my potato salad for the cookout we had last night.

Around 5:00pm one of Dave's friend Joe who lives a few blocks from us stopped by and asked if the kids and I wanted to walk over to the Arts Festival on Main Street (only 2 blocks). Since the kids had been good all day we decided to go. They have this every year but we have never gone before. It was really nice. They had a local Jazz band playing and tons of booths set up with some amazing art pieces. Emma spotted a booth that was selling wind chimes and they had a glass one in the shape of Brutus the Buckeye's head. If it would have been a little cheaper I totally would have bought it! :(( Joe and I did stop off at a wine tasting booth and had an awesome glass of something that I can't remember the name of. Hopefully he does because I would love to get a bottle of this. I also got the kids a homemade chocolate chip cookie that was amazing!

After about and hour down there we came back home and I fired up the grill. We had the normal burgers and dogs. Dave got home just in time to eat (he had a car deal right at closing so he was about an hour late, it always works like that when we have plans). I did open up a bottle of Merlot for myself since the guys were drinking Corona's which I don't like. Since it was so nice outside we ate on the patio and the kids ran around the yard for a while. Then I put them to bed and us adults watched Knocked Up. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it, super funny. I think I drank one to many glasses of wine because I was feeling pretty good last night and pretty crappy this morning.

All in all I have to say that yesterday was a pretty darn good day and it was much needed. So far today has been pretty good too. The kids helped me work in the flower beds earlier this morning and they are just finishing there lunches. As soon as Ian is done it's off to bed for him and I desperatly need a shower. I don't have any plans for the rest of the afternoon other than to fold the load of laundry I didn't get to yesterday. Dave and I are taking Emma to see the new Indiana Jones movie this evening. She loves the first three, her favorite being the Temple of Doom which scares me a little. She is so excited and so am I. Her Mamaw (Dave's mom) takes her to the movies all the time, but Dave and I have never taken her so this will be fun.

Well it's time for me to go shower and make myself presentable to the outside world!


Carrie said...

Oh for the love of everything that is holy! Can we have a single post without the mention of your beloved Buckeyes!

... wind chimes and they had a glass one in the shape of Brutus the Buckeye's head ...

JWilson said...

I'm sorry but have you read the About Me part. I clearly state that we bleed scarlet and gray around here. I can't help it. :))

I promise my next post will not metion them!

Carrie said...

Mention them all you need to because you disclaimer clearly states you are true to your school.

We live in the land of Bucky and Brett, and Marquette. We bleed a poutpourri.

This is the easiest way for me to travel to Ohio with these gas prices. Otherwise I would be their in person sporting an Ohio tee worn inside out and backwards just for you.

JWilson said...

How sweet of you! :))