Monday, May 26, 2008

Emma's date with Indiana Jones.....

Well tonight Dave and I had our date with Emma and we took her to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

The plan was to see the 7:20 showing but just like the past two nights Dave got stuck at work so we ended up seeing the 9:10. That was a little later than we wanted it to be but we promised Emma we would take her. I was able to take a few picture of Emma and I before we left, but we didn't have time to take any with Dave before hand.

My mom and brother KJ came over to watch Ian for us and apparently she gave Emma a $20.00 bill and told her to buy us some popcorn. She did really good at hiding it from us and while we were standing in the concession stand line she pulled it out of her pocket and told us "I'm treating you two to some popcorn!" So Dave and I got a popcorn and some pretzel bites to share and Emma got a kids combo of popcorn, a drink, and a treat (pixie sticks). She also wanted some cotton candy and since this was her night we got it for her. Yes, we spent our life's savings on tickets and food!

We let Emma pick where to sit and since we got there early she pretty much had the entire room to choose from. I must say she did a good job! She took us a little less than half way up and then sat in the middle of that row. I figured as soon as we sat down she would dive right into her popcorn and cotton candy, but she just sat there and watched those silly commercial things. I even asked her at one point why she wasn't eating her popcorn and she said that it was better during the movie. Sure enough once the movie started she started eating her popcorn and it was so stinking cute to see her sitting there eating her popcorn and intently watching the movie.

I have determined from this that either I am a big fat scaredy pants or she is one brave girl! I probably jumped 5 or 6 times during the movie and Emma only did 1. Actually in a few parts she laughed when I jumped. She didn't even seem to be grossed out by some very disgusting parts. You could tell by the end of the movie she was getting sleepy but she wasn't about to let herself fall asleep. She made it through the entire thing and loved it!

I will say that it was a very good movie and it connected well with the other 3. I think that there will be at least one more with Harrison Ford but Dave isn't so sure. I think I might have to place a bet with him on this one but I'm not sure what to wager. Any thoughts????

Well back to the point, we were able to ask Emma which one of the 4 was her favorite before she fell asleep and she declared that the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls is now her favorite and The Temple of Doom is her second. She also told us that her favorite part (this will not ruin anything) was when they found the crystal skull behind the dead man. Don't ask I really don't know where she gets them from!

I also took some pictures when we got home and as you can tell she was a sleepy little girl. I really hope she sleeps in tomorrow!

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careysue said...

That is so cute, the whole evening with your daughter! She probably will always remember it too!

My husband took our two sons and a couple of friends to Indiana Jones too--they didn't seem to like it though, said it was too over the top. I don't know just different tastes I guess. They like the other ones though so who knows?

Glad you had a special evening with your girl!!