Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Beep, Beep, Beep! This is a warning! If you are in anyway grossed out by poop STOP reading NOW!

For the rest of you gross people last night my son had the most disgusting smelling poop. Of course he is still in diapers because he thinks the potty is a toy which means someone (me) has to change his diapers.

I was not in the same room as Ian when he started pooping but the minute I walked in the living room I thought I was going to instantly vomit! It really smelled as if something had died three days ago and had been sitting in 90 degree weather since then. I should mention that the only reason I walked in there was because Emma and Dave were both yelling for me to come and change Ian because he stunk. When they said stunk I just though a normal poop smell, not 3 day old death stink.

Seriously the crap (pun intended) we have to put up with as mothers is just amazing!

So brave me takes a gigantic breath and opens the diaper up. I was expecting to see a diaper full of diarrhea like poop because what else could smell that bad, but instead I see one tiny little hard turd. Now don't get me wrong I was very thankfully that was all it was, but come on, one turd! This one turd was nastier than a full grown man's poop according to my hubbie, who has produced some good ones over the years.

I quickly wiped Ian's butt and put his pants back on then Dave, the kids, and I had to go outside for a few minutes because the smell was sticking to the air inside the house. I also wrapped that nasty diaper in two grocery bags and walked it to the trash can's in the very back of our yard by the alley. Even after being outside for 5 minutes we could still smell the poop so I sprayed all the furniture with febreeze and the air with air freshener.

Gross as this is I actually considered taking a picture of the turd to add to this entry but then my senses kicked in and I tossed it in the trash. I think this will be one story to use as blackmail when he gets older. :))


Lindsay said...

Oh that's bad! Definitely one for the future girlfriends. heehee!

Carrie said...

I wouldn't have minded the picture as long as it was corn free.

JWilson said...

I couldn't get close enough to see of it was corn free or not.