Wednesday, May 14, 2008


OK ladies and maybe some gentlemen it's time to see a little of my tom boy come out and we are about to talk about FOOTBALL. More specifically Buckeye Football.

In case you haven't figured out I am a dye hard Ohio State Buckeye fan and I will support and love my team no matter what until the day that I die. I never miss a game even if it means I have to listen to it on the radio. In high school I was on the color guard and if we had a contest on a Saturday game day I would take my walkman and have one headphone in listening to the game while we practiced our routines. :)) Yes I know I'm crazy but I don't care I love it. There is nothing like the feeling when you wake up on Saturday morning in Buckeye country and you can feel the intensity of game day in the air.

Now I know there are allot of you out there that are haters and please bring it on! :))

So your probably wondering what brought this post on right? Well, I'll tell you. ESPN has adjusted there top 25 college football rankings and they have MY Buckeyes (yes my) at #1!!!!!!

I will be honest here, like I always am this scares the shit out of me. Two years ago when we were ranked #1 in the pre season I was nervous, and for good reason. Yes we did stay #1 that whole year and went to the championship but we didn't really show up and made asses out of ourselves. Then again last year we go an don't play like our normals selves. It is defiantly an honor to even get to that game which is why I will never say really bad things but I don't know if I can take another year of going and loosing. I think most of us in Buckeye Country were hoping for a little less stressful season.

Now having said that I am also totally psyched that they are being recognized and I would love for them to go back to the championship and WIN!!!

Only time will tell, and regardless of the outcome of this year I will be a FAN!

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!

* In case you don't know a very popular cheer around here is for one person to yell O.H. anD for someone(s) to respond with an I.O., I know pretty cool, don't be jealous!. :)*


Tiffany McCallen said...

I—O!!!! :) GO BUCKS! I am so excited that this year I won't be pregnant or nursing for football season. Hot dog! Tailgaiting here I come!!! Hopefully, we'll be able to figure out some time to hang out together for a game. That would be great!

Tiffany McCallen said...

I mean tailgating... :)

JWilson said...

You know I up for some good old tailgating!!!!

Carrie said...

Do you know this joke?

The Pirate with the hairlip goes trick or treating and the woman answers the door.

"Aren't you a cute pirate", she says, "where are your buccaneers?"

Guess what he said?

JWilson said...

Something tells me I'm not going to like this but.... what did he say???

Carrie said...

Right behind my Buckin' Eyes.

See, I had to get it out of my system. Every time you say anything about Buck Eyes I can't help but think of that joke, now I am free to let it go. Thank you, Mrs. Wilson. Thank you.

JWilson said...

Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. :)) Kind of cute actually, I may have to tell my kids that one.

I'm glad you got it off your cheast becasue there will probably more you know who talk this fall and I wouldn't want you holding anything in. :)

Also call me Jess!

Carrie said...

No, I am going to call you Judy.

Unless you root for the Badgers, too! I bleed red with some white stripes in it. Plus our marching band totally rocks.

JWilson said...

I root for all the Big Ten teams except for the one up north as long as we aren't playing you that week.

Now your marching band might rock but ours is

The Best Dam Band In The Land (TBDBINT) we even have bummper stickers for them! :))

Carrie said...

C O M E B A C K ... I fixed it. I did it early this morning and then she modified her blog and it didn't work.