Monday, May 19, 2008

The Predator

OK ladies, I am about to let you in on some issues I'm having at work right now. However I first must explain the women we call THE PREDATOR. In my section at work we have this lady that has been there for 15-20 years and she thinks that because she has been there for so many years she knows how things should be done. Well in a normal situation this might be the case, but not in our section. The problem is about two years ago we had a system change and it was a pretty large one. This women can't quit keep up with the new technology and she has struggled with it. Honestly she can't do much of her job without struggling, but instead of admitting she needs help she does the opposite. I also think she is jealous that she is not the supervisor and that someone much younger than her is now (our old supervisor retired in February). The nicest was I can put this is that this women is just a mean, nasty, idiot that thinks she knows it all.

So I'm sure your wondering why we call her the predator. Well it's simply really, instead of trying to figure out her own job she spends all day questioning what the rest of us are doing and trying to find any and all errors that we may make. She seems to think that since she has been there so long she can boss us around and it really makes her made when we don't listen to her. Oh and she also looks like the Predator, I swear on my life!!!

So now that I have explained her to you I will share with you what happened last Wednesday.

Every other week we have a staff meeting to discuss any changes that need to be made, or just to talk about things going on in the office. During this meeting my supervisor Amy asked me to explain how I work what we call Error Sheets because our chief wants everyone in my section to work these for voluntary comp time to help get them caught up. So as I was explaining the process when The Predator interrupts and starts to question why I am doing things that way, and no wonder I am behind and can't get my work done. (I should clarify that I am not behind because I am not doing things correctly but because of some system errors as well as mistakes made by others.) Of course this upset me but I maintained my cool and excused myself using the excuse of going to get examples. While I was gone Amy explained to The Predator and the rest of my staff (who was fine with things) that the way I was doing things was the correct way and that if anyone was going to work on them they needed to do things that way. When I got back things were different in the room and nothing else was said to me. After the meeting I forgot about everything because in our staff meeting The Predator always attacks someone like this so it was nothing new to me.

I went about the rest of my morning and early afternoon as normal, until about 2:30 when I heard The Predator call Amy over to her desk. The Predator proceeds to tell Amy, in a very loud voice, that I (used my name) had screwed something up, and why had I done this when I say I don't do things that way, and why was I complaining about others making mistakes when I was making them. She basically made it like I was completely incompetent when I'm not, and everyone that sits in our area hear her say this. (Also I do not complain about people making mistakes, I have however made comments to my supervisor about the same people making the same mistakes day after day after day. That is why I have been asked to create a training manual and this women knows that.)

Anyway, this clearly made me mad because it was very disrespectful to me and unprofessional. So as soon as Amy was back in her office I went in closed the door and told her this as well as that I wanted something done about it because I wasn't going to be treated that way. My supervisor agreed with me so we went and talked to my Manager Ted. They decided that I need to write a letter to Amy describing what had happen and then they would take it to our chief. So that is what I did, and I must say it was a darn good letter. After my chief read it the next morning she suggested that I file a complaint with and EEO Officer (Equal Employment). Have I mentioned I work for the State of Ohio, well I do so I am part of a union.

About 30 minutes after I left Ted office I hear the Predator telling one of our coworkers that I am a crybaby tattletale and that I need to start acting like and adult and learn how to take criticism. I really could not believe she was saying this. A women that can never be told she has made a mistake because she knows how to do everything! I immediately picked up my phone and called Ted to tell him what was being said and he called her into his office where she stayed until after I left for the day.

On Thursday afternoon I filed an official complaint and the EEO officer interviewed me. In an hours time the EEO office took over 30 pages of notes because I had to not only give my account of what The Predator did to me, but also what I have witnessed her do to others. This nasty women has turned our section into a hostile work environment and we are tired of her and the way she treats us. My meeting with the EEO Office went very well and I felt pretty good after I left.

On Friday the EEO Officer interviewed Amy and Ted, who backed me up and also gave some accounts of other instances where The Predator has acted like this.

Today my Chief called me into her office to let me know that she was supporting me 100% with my complaint and she also had to give me my official letter about the complaint as well as make me aware that I am to have no contact with The Predator and she is to have none with me. Even if it's work related we have to go through our supervisors. I know Fun right?!

So the only thing left to do now before the full investigation can begin is to notify her. Problem is she called off Friday and today, and then stopped by the office to tell Ted that she wouldn't be back until Friday. It kind of sucks because all I want to do is get this part over with. I don't think she is going to react well to me filing a complaint and I am really worried about her trying to retaliate, even the management is worried about that. Unfortunately, I have to wait till Friday morning. On the plus side of things she is out of the office until then and it's always much calmer when she's not there.

Now you know what is going on in my life, doesn't it sound like fun?! :)


Lindsay said...

Wow Jess that was a lot of typing! I hate annoying co-workers I have a few myself but no where near that extreme. I guess I should feel lucky huh? Good Luck with the predator!

JWilson said...

I know I'm really sorry about the length but I had to get it off my cheast. This is going to be a long nast battle for me.