Monday, May 19, 2008

Tagged- 6 to 10 fact about me

So as usual I was reading some blogs when I realized that Careysue over at A Womens Prerogative tagged me so now I must tell you 6 to 10 facts about me.

Since Careysue, and Carrie over at Candid Carrie used Elementary school game analogies I will stick with their theme. Back when I was in school I too was picked last for allot of things because I was so stickin' tiny, but in the blogging world I have felt very special and like one of the popular kids that was always picked first because of careysue, and Amber over at Amber's house full. So thanks for the confidence boost ladies.

OK well here it is, 6 to 10 things about me.....

1. My favorite candy is Gummy Bears (the real ones). As and adult I have found them to be a great stress reliever. All you have to do is bite their heads off while imagining it's the head of someone that you don't like. Trust me it works wonders. All, and their fat free!

2. I have some serious OCD tendencies, like after I set my alarm every night I have to check it 3 times before I will actually lay down in bed. Yes I know this is a problem.

3. I'm still scared of the dark. I blame this on that stupid high school boy that I caught breaking into our house in the middle of the night 6 months after my dad died. I was only 5 at that time so it was a very traumatic experience.

4. Just hearing the Theme Song to the X-Files gives me the chills. My husband thinks is sooooo funny to whistle the tune late at night just to get me going. It's soooo not funny!

5. I have the tendency to overreact to things, but once I stop and really think about it I calm down. Not such a good quality when you have toddlers, but I'm learning to check myself before exploding.

6. I hated my mother my entire Freshman year of High School for getting pregnant. Hey when your 14 the last thing you want is for your mom to be pregnant because that means she had sex. So GROSS!!!!

7. I am one of the biggest klutzes on the face of the Earth. My senior year I even received one of those silly awards from my entire class for being a klutz and while walking up the steps to the stage I tripped. Yep, I deserved that award and I'm darn proud of it.

8. I work for the State of Ohio Attorney Generals Office and the Attorney General just resigned because of a sexual harassment suit that exposed him to having an affair with an employee, as well as being aware of some other not so good behavior. All I can say here is that I didn't vote for the man.

9. I can't have any more children. Well I can get pregnant but in the very unlikely event that I maintain that pregnancy for any length of time I will most likely die along with my baby because my uterus walls thinned to much with Ian that they will rupture. When I say thinned I mean it, when the doctors were doing my c-section and got to the point of cutting into my uterus they stopped to show my husband how thin the walls were. According to Dave it was like Ian was inside of a balloon that had been blown up just to the point it was going to explode. You could actually see all of Ian's features. Scary I know!! I'm OK with this because all I wanted was a boy and girl and I got it.

10. I have always wanted a Maltese and I want to name her Daisy. Instead we inherited a Chiuaua named Ginger. Don't get me wrong I love Ginger but I have always dreamed about a Maltese.

OK that was harder than I thought it would be.

So now it's my turn to tag some people and my picks are (drum roll please).....

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Outnumbered2to1 said...

I totally share the uterean wall thing. I was going to do a V-bac for my fourth and the doctor (after the c-setion) was like, its amazing it didn't rupture before surgery. I can so relate.

careysue said...

That was great thank you...I share your OCD thing! I check the alarm clock too! haahaha!

Thanks for playin! :)

JWilson said...

I'm amazed you even considered a v-bac. The thought of that scared the crap out of me. I didn't have the option though my doctor and hospital wont do V-Bac's anymore becasue of the high risk involved.

Carrie said...

Oh, I loved your list.

Have you ever popped your Gummy Bears in the freezer? Refreshing summer snack and biting their heads off is takes more effort, but well worth it.

My mother got pregnant when I was twelve. I wished I was dead. I didn't even think my dad had a penis. This totally destroyed everything I ever believed.

JWilson said...

I will totally have to try the freezer thing, maybe even tonight.

Kandace said...

I'm a result a my mama getting knocked up when my sister was 12. She took care of me a lot.

I didn't see this until after I posted my secret six. I'll play but it's going to take some time for me to come up with some more:)