Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Ideal Mothers Day Gift

With Mothers Day this weekend everyone keeps asking me what I'm getting for Mothers Day. Before I tell you what my Mother's Day will be like I want to tell you want my ideal gift would be.

I am not one of those women that needs a be expensive gift, all I want is to be able to sleep in while my hubbie gets up with the kids and entertains them so I can sleep in peace and quiet until 10am. If I happen to wake up before then on my own I want to be left alone in my room to enjoy the peace and quiet and maybe watch some food network. Then at 10am I will emerge from my room and would love to find a nice brunch waiting with all my favorite breakfast foods, thick french toast w/ Karo syrup, some kind of eggs (quiche, scrambled, omelet's), some fresh fruit, and don't forget the pork (I love sausage and Bacon).

This is all I would need for the perfect Day.

Now this year I will not be getting anything close to this. Instead I will be dragging my tired stressed butt out of bed around 7:00 - 7:30 am so that I have myself decent by 8:00 when 6 other women and two hair dressers will be entering my home. I will then spend the next four hours getting ready for my brothers wedding. Around 12:30 we will all head of to the ceremony site to have loads of pictures taken and then we will have the ceremony and reception. Oh I forgot while getting ready I also have to get both the kids ready sine they are the ring bearer and flower girl. It's a good thing I love my brother and his soon to be wife!

At this point all I can hope for is that my hubbie will read this post and keep this idea in the back of his head for next year.

To all you other mothers out there I hope you get your ideal Mother's Day gift!


Anonymous said...

Your brother's getting married on a Sunday? I didn't know that.

I'm all for your mother's day scenario... sleeping in! That won't happen for me either. I have to sing that morning. :(

JWilson said...

Yep Nick Man is getting married and it makes me feel old.

Carrie said...

If you would like to have me call your hubby and give him the details of what you would really like, let me know. I am up to the task.

Happy Mother's Day ...