Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First for the Season

I received one of those phone calls (well emails) that every parent dreads from the babysitter this morning. It was a little after 10am when I called the sitter after getting an email that Ian was sick. Apparently Ian had thrown up 3 times in less than an hour.

Great right!!!

Thankfully for me Dave was off today so I called him and he went and picked the kids up. When he got to the babysitters Ian was wearing Emma's PJ's because he had gotten sick on all his clothes and she didn't have anything else to put him in. If I would have been the one to be at home with him I totally would have taken a picture of him. I know that's so mean but come on it is a little funny!

From what I have been told Ian did get sick a few more times this morning the last time being around noon, he also slept for a little while. I did have to leave about an hour early from work because Dave had an appointment tonight. When I got home Ian was up running around playing with Emma which I take as a good sign. He did feel a little warm so I gave him some medicine. Right now he is curled up beside me sound asleep. I so hate when my kids are sick but it is nice to get this cuddle time with him.

Now that Ian seems to be on the mend (I hope) I am praying that Emma and I don't get the same bug he has.


Anonymous said...

Oh yuck! Glad Ian's feeling better, and I REALLY hope you don't have to suffer through it yourself. Ick. Would have loved to see the jammies though...

Lindsay said...

Yuk! I hate when the kids are sick. :( Glad to hear he is feeling better. Let's hope it stops at Ian and doesn't spread through the sitters.....but we'll see. Let the sick season begin...FUN..FUN!

Kelly said...

Stomach bugs are so yucky!! I hope it was just a 24 hour thing for him!!