Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rubber Duckie

This afternoon my friend Jenn and I through a baby shower for our friend Shanna. Shanna and Scott will be having their first child in December. A little boy Colin Scott Bruce III.

Jenn, Shanna, & Me

The theme of this shower was Rubber Duckies because Shanna likes them and that's what she wanted. we had a 3-D Duck cake that sat on top of a sheet cake air brushed to look like water.

The tables were covers in light blue and pastel yellow table clothes. The centerpieces were clear chips and salsa bowl with shredded blue paper in the chip part and little mini ducks (a couple years ago we bought the ducks and the bowls for a camping themed shower and we put water in the chip part but the ducks didn't float very well), we put chex mix and m&m's in the dip part of the bowl. Then every table got some baby boy, and rubber duckie confetti.

We played three games. The first was a memory game, Jenn and I purchased an Ohio State diaper bag form the same lady that made my purse. We used that as part of the memory game and we bought a bunch of things that would go in the diaper bag, like diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifier, things like that. We put everything on a tray and carried it around and then they had a few minutes to write as many things as they could remember down. The person who got the most right won.

The second game was Baby Bingo where everyone fills out a bingo square with items they think Shanna would receive as guest and then as Shanna opened her presents they marked things off to get bingo's. The last game was an easy door prize. See we put numbers on the bottoms of the rubber ducks in the center pieces and Shanna picked two number, the people who drew those ducks won.

Of course we had some good food too. Since the shower was at 2 Shanna wanted to do an appetizer menu so we had Pigs in a Blanket, Party Potatoes (red potatoes with sour cream and dill), Veggie Pizza, Apples & Peanut Butter Dip, Grape Salad, and Porcupines. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food which I was glad to hear because I made it all.

I really think everyone had a great time today. I know Shanna did and I am so glad I was able to do this for her. She has wanted a baby for so long and I know she will make a great mother to this wonderful little boy.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Jess, as always you did an amazing job!!! It was a great shower...

Emily said...

Jess, you are such an awesome and creative shower thrower! I wish I could have a shower for something these days... do they give one for having semi good boobs?
Sorry, I digress...
Is that the place where Tif's was?

Kelly said...

What a great friend you are to do all of this for her! I'm sure she really appreciates it. It looks and sounds like fun!

JWilson said...

Oh Em, my mind is full of ideas for a Great Boob shower starting with the cake. :))

The cake was not by the same lady as Tif's. She broke her arm earlier this week so Shanna's mom took over and made the duck. the sheet cake underneath came from Giant Eagle.