Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haunted Houses and High Speed Chases

It's time again to take a trip down memory lane. This time we are going back to October of 1999.

It was a normal Friday night in October, the weather was cool and crisp, the skies were clear and the moon was out. Dave, myself, Rob & Lindsay (The Adams Family) had decided that when Rob was done with his bowling league that night the four of us would go to a Haunted House. We had heard one of the best ones in the area that year was at a local amphitheater. They actually had four separate haunted houses there so off we went.

When we arrived we paid our admissions fee and started with the first, second, and third haunted houses. While we were waiting in line for the fourth and final house we were suddenly pushed out of the way by a couple of rude guys coming back through the line. It appeared that they were being kicked out of the line because they were yelling something at one of the employees. Once they were past us we didn't think anything of them and we went about the rest of our evening.

After we finished going through the last haunted house we started for the exit. As soon as we were outside the gates I had noticed off to the right side of me a few guys standing there and they were yelling, I thought at each other. We continued walking toward our car and we were having our own conversation ignoring the yelling from these guys. Very quickly though we realized that one of them was coming toward us yelling something that we could not understand and another guy was shouting at him saying that we were not them. It was all very confusing to us because we only recognized these guys as the ones that had been kicked out of the line earlier but we were still confused as to why one of these was coming towards us.

The four of us quickly came to realize that this guy was mistaking us with someone else he had a problem with, most likely someone that got them kicked out and he wasn't going to leave us alone. We continued to walk and tried to ignore this jerk but that only seemed to upset him more and he started getting up in Dave and Rob's faces. At first Dave and Rob were just telling him to back off but he wouldn't listen. Of course things started to escalate mainly because Dave and Rob were sick of this guy running his mouth and they started yelling back. I don't remember much of what was said at that time. I do remember that about half way to our car a bunch of this guys friends appeared, some men, some women and the men that appeared were much worse than the original guy. The final straw for Dave was when one of the guys came up behind Dave and I and stuck his head between us and said to me but loud enough for Dave to hear that he was going to have his way with me and make Dave watch.

In that moment I was what I thought was the most scared I would ever be. I knew I was going to have to do something and very quickly so I refused to let go of Dave's hand and I just kept saying to Dave they're not worth it, they're not worth it, just keep walking.

I'm not sure why this happened but somehow we had managed to park two rows from where these people had parked. I thought finally we are at our car and this will all be over. As Lindsay and I were climbing into the backseat of my Toyota Celica I saw two guys open the trunk of their car and pull something out and then they started yelling at us that we had better run or they were going to "Fuck us up"! At that point Dave told us to get in the car which we did except for him.

A little side note. If you remember back to 1999 cell phones were not nearly as popular among teenagers and young 20 somethings. If you had a cell phone that meant you were a business person or you had money neither of which any of us were so it was very odd that Dave had one.

Dave had decided to stay outside of the car but he had pulled his cell out and was talking to someone but we didn't know who. I remember sticking my head out the door and yelling at Dave to get in the car. The crazy assholes were also yelling at Dave saying things like "oh he's calling his boys" to which Dave responded with "you bet your ass I am". What none of us realized was that Dave had dialed 911. Dave finally got in the car and after sitting there for a few minutes waiting for the police to show up the crazy guys drove off.

I had never felt so relieved in my life. The dispatcher said that since they left we should wait five minutes and then we could leave. So we waited ten minutes and decided that was more than enough time for them to be gone and we left the parking lot. As we drove out of the parking lot we suddenly saw a car pull out behind us and flick their lights on.

To be continued...


Emily said...

I am having a slight panic attack with this post!
Whew!! Good story!

Lindsay said...

Oh I remember that night it was so scary! I don't remember all those details though??? :)