Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow, Colds, & Flat Tires

A bunch of different random things happen yesterday but I couldn't tell you about them because I had to get my pumpkin carving post in. So tonight I will fill you in on the crazy past two days.

Yesterday morning we woke up to very cold wet weather. The highs the past two days have been in the 40's. At work we had an All Hands meeting at the Ohio Theater. From my office it's about an 8 or so block walk which we had to make in the cold snowy weather. Yes that's right I said snow, it's not even November and we have had our first snow.

The meeting was nice, the Governor came and spoke to us and thanked us for handling the Marc Dann scandal so well (former AG who resigned). They also had a panel discussion with former Attorneys' General about what the soon to be elected AG needs to do to fix all the problems Dann created. Of course we had an awards ceremony and one of the chiefs of my section received a PRIDE award and that was a total crock of shit but whatever.

At the meeting there was this women sitting in front of me who had on the worst smelling perfume ever and I swear she swam in it before getting dressed yesterday morning. I thought that was the cause of my nasal congestion but I woke up this morning feeling 10 times worse than yesterday so I'm pretty sure I have a cold and I feel like crap!

Last night was gymnastics class for Emma which I always enjoy because it's something different to do. They have this awesome area for kids to play in while their siblings are in class and Ian loves it. As we were leaving class I noticed my back passenger side tire looked a little low. I only live about a minute from the gym so I just drove home. When Dave got home from work I made him go out and look at it. He came back in and asked how I could question whether or not it was flat. This confused me so I went out and looked and it was completely flat by this point which was only about 1 1/2 hours later. Apparently I had a nail in my tire which Dave was able to fix and patch but he needed me to stand outside and hold the flashlight. I don't think that helped the cold thing.

Ok so I think you are all caught up now on the start of my week, I hope yours has been a little better than mine has.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Oh yuck! I'm so sorry to hear you're sick. That's such a bummer. And sorry too about the tire and the snow. I was disappointed when I arrived at the office and saw the flakes falling. Boo.

Emily said...

Oh honey, I hope the week gets NOTHING but better!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Wait, your hubby knows how to fix and patch a nail in the tire? I usually drive to the nearest shop that does it for free. Wow, I am super impressed by this even ifyou did have to hold the flashlight!! On the snow issue..we got snow last tuesday. Its annoying. Nuf said.

Jen said...

Flat tires always happen at the worst time. Impressive that he can fix a nail in the tire.