Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My First Date

The year was 1995 and I was a Freshman in High School. I hadn't joined Color Guard yet so I played the flute in Marching Band.

One morning during class we were standing around waiting for the director to figure something out with the drill when a senior tuba player turned around and asked my friends and I who we thought was cuter him or his friend. It was an easy question to answer but being freshman girls we all just giggled. Of course this wasn't good enough for him so he kept asking us until I finally answered him and said that he was the cuter one. It was the truth, he was good looking and his friend was exactly what you would think a band geek would look like.

The rest of that week I kept catching this guy looking at me but he never said anything and neither did I. That Friday morning another friend of mine came up to me to tell me that this guy was asking around about me trying to find out if I was dating anyone, which I wasn't. Later that day after school but before our band practice he came up to me and just started talking to me. before he walked away to get ready for practice he asked if I would come and sit by him that night after our half time performance and I said yes. Remember good looking senior asking silly old freshman me!

Now these things sound so silly repeating as an adult but it's how it was done back them so no laughing about this next part.

After half time and our allotted quarter to get refreshments I found him and sat with him in the stands. All my single friends were wimps and wouldn't come with me so there I was with him and his friends all of which were upperclassmen. We talked for a while about god knows what and then he told me he thought I was cute and that he liked me. Then he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said yes because he was cute, a senior, had his license and a car what more could a girl ask for. After the game we exchanged phone numbers and he said he would call me the next day.

To my surprise he did call me and asked if I wanted to go to a movie that night. Being 14 I had to ask my mom and she agreed only if she got to meet him first. That of course was horribly embarrassing for me because it was my mom but he was fine with it and my mom really seemed to like him.

So off we went to the movies. We saw Thanks for Everything Julia Newmar. I have n o clue why we picked this but we did and it wasn't too bad. After the movie we went over to a local Ice Cream parlor and shared a sundae. Then he brought me home. He had a couple of hours before he had to be home so I asked if he wanted to come in and watch some TV. When we got to my front door their was a note taped to it that said;


Come over to Kelly's (our neighbors) Mom fell down the stairs and Beth took her to the hospital so Nick and I are with Kelly and Jeff.


I instantly started crying and my boyfriend was asking me what was wrong but I could speak so I handed him the note. At the time my mom was 3 to 4 months pregnant with my baby brother and he knew this so once he read the note he understood the tears. Once he calmed me down we walked over to my neighbors house and I got my brother and sister. As I was getting ready to leave their house the father Jeff pulled me aside and asked that I not take my boyfriend in the house because he didn't know if my mom would be comfortable with it. I was still a good girl back then so I took Steph and Nick home and I sat on the front porch with him for a while and we talked some more. To this day I am very surprised that he didn't run for the hills after that kind of an evening but he was very nice, at some point sitting on the porch he did kiss me but that's all that happen. When he got home he called to see if my mom was back and he stayed on the phone with me until she did get home.

So there you have my first date story, I think for the most part it was pretty normal, it was just the end of it that was strange. Just in case someone is wondering my first real date was not with Dave, and clearly this guy and i did not make it. I came to my sense about a month later and realized this guy was not the one for me.


Tiffany McCallen said...

He seems like the perfect charming fellow... for someone else! :) Nice story.

Kelly said...

Not the one for you, but a nice guy to have your first date with. And score! Freshman getting a Senior! ;)

LoveNHoots said...

What a great story, not too many happily ever afters these days. Its so nice to hear one.
Love you,