Saturday, June 28, 2008


When I was 14 my best friend (not anymore but that's a whole other story) introduced me to this guy whose parents had a boat at the same Marina hers did. His name was Jordan and he was one of the best looking guys I had ever met in person. It was 1995 so that grudge look was in high swing and let me tell you he looked good in it. He had brown curly hair that came just past his chin and it looked alto like mine and he had these crystal green eyes that made you want to melt when he looked at you. Jordan was also a very good charmer even at that age, you could also tell he was the type of guy that always got what he wanted.

So we started dating even though he went to a differnt school and lived about 30 minutes from me. We would see each other about every other weekend when I would go and spend the night at his house. Now I'm sure most of you are completley shocked by that last comment so let me explain. His parents were always there and I stayed in my own room. I was still a good girl back then and that ended up being the problem. We dated like this for about 4 months and then one day he called me and broke up with me, and he did this by telling me that he was cheating on me and he had almost the entire time we were together because I wouldn't sleep with him.

I was devestated by this, I THOUGHT I loved him! Looking back now I know it wasn't even close to love and I'm Thanking God I didn't sleep with this fool. what was really weird was he would call me from time to time through the rest of high school, even after I started seeing Dave. Dave hated when he would call and didn't understand why. I didn't either and I usually wouldn't talk to him. Actually I never would answer the phone when it was him so the only time I talked to him was when my mean sister would pick up the phone and tell him I was there.

Now as I've mentioned before my husband is a sells cars but he hasn't been doing this for very long. He started at his first dealership in May of last year. Since he had never done this he was paied up with someone who had and in the first few days this guy taught him alot. Dave would come home and talk about this Jordan and how he was really helping him, but he had this kind of crazy temper. About a week after being there Dave comes home one night and starts telling me all this stuff he ahd learned that day about this Jordan. He had a brother who was a minister, and a mother who was an Interior Designer, he went to school in Worthington. My stomach instantly got that sick feeling and I thought to myself "No Freaking Way!". So I asked Dave what this Jordan's last name was and he tells me he doesn't know (which I found hard to believe) and he asks why? I told him that this Jordan has a lot of similarities to my ex boyfriend Jordan and Jordan isn't exactly a common name for a guy.

About five minutes late Dave says to me yeah he said he used to date this girl Jessie who wore this vanillia sented perfume.


Alright Dave is it my ex because you know I wore Bath and Body Works vanialla back then and he did call me Jessie. Thats when Dave finally says yep it's your ex.

Now it wasn't bad enough that my husband was now working with the ex that broke my heart but the way he found out is just not good. So here is the conversation that Dave had with Jordan that night.

They were talking about where they were from and Dave told Jordan he was from Groveport. Jordan asked him if he went to school there and Dave said yes. Then Jordan proceededs to tell him he knew some people that went there, this one girl Beth (Ex friend) Dave of course says oh I know her, so then Jordan says oh well then you might know this girlfriend I used to have Jessie. At this point I think most people would have jumped in and said oh thats my wife or at least yeah I know her but not my Dave, he wanted to find out mre I guess so he acted like he didn't know who I was. This made Jordan go into how I had the cutest curly hiar and the prettiest eyes, and I always smelled like vanillia and everytime he smells that he thinks of me and how much he screwed up. he even referred to me as "the one that got away". Still Dave has not told him we are married instead he asks him how I got away. Thankfully Jordan was honest about everything and he told Dave he cheated alot because I wouldn't sleep with him and abck then that was what was important to him.

Finally Dave tells him that he is the Dave I started dating back in high school and that we are married now. I guess the look on Jordan's face was priceless and he didn't say anything for about 5 minutes, how could you! Somehow Dave and Jordan figured out a way to work with each other but it bugged the crap out of me. It just weird and what are the odds of something like that happening. At some point Jordan decided to move out to California with his mom but he still calls Dave every so often which again is weird because Dave doesn't like him but I think it's one of those keep your enemies close things, I'm just glad they don't work together anymore.

So why am I telling you this story? Well Insane Mama over at Help I Have A Teenager asked the question today about what smells get you going and since Dave just had a call from Jordan it reminded me of his comment about my vanillia perfume. My smell however is of the cologne Dave wore when we first started dating, it always makes me smile.


Apple Joos said...

Oh my gosh. That is awkward. I bet he hugs and kisses you a lot at work, though, to rub it in.

~Billie~ said... funny is that! Not funny really, but wow. LOL! I bet your husband looooved to brag about how wonderful you are. What are the odds!!

Lindsay said...

That is insane! You always hear stories about things like this happening, but I always chalk it up to urban legend. I'm glad that you're happy with Dave and that Jordan realized in the long run what a D.A. he is.

Tiffany McCallen said...

Six degrees of separation my heiny! Try two!! Wow. That's crazy.