Monday, June 23, 2008

Platform and Springboard Diving

Yeserday afternoon while Ian was napping Emma and I were channel surfing and we came across the Womens Springboard and Platform Diving Olympic Trials so we decided to watch. Emma instantly fell in love with it. She thought it was the coolest thing she had ever seen. Of course she started asking a million, zillion question that I did not know the answers to. When ever I don't know the answer to something I always tell the kids to ask their daddy, I know that horrible but it gets me out of the hot seat.

About an hour into watching this we had this conversation;

Emma: Mommy I want to do this.
Me; OK sweetie, one day you can if you want to.
Emma: No I want to do it now!
Me: Emma you can't do it now.
Emma: Why not?
Me: You need to learn how to swim first.
Emma: I know how to swim.
Me: No you don't, not like you need to. You would have to be able to hold your breath under water without plugging your nose and swim underwater and you don't know how to do either of those.
Emma: Well will you teach me?
Me: I don't knwo how but maybe we can find someone who can.

After that I went into the kitchen to start dinner and I hear all this noise coming from the living room so I went in there. Emma had pulled the chairs that go to her little table out and was using them as a diving baord so everytime one of the women would jump she would to. Now if I had been smart I would have grabbed my camera but no I didn't. It still was very cute and I'm not sure yet but maybe we have a diver on our hands.


Apple Joos said...

That's so cute! I love it when they're at the "everything is possible" stage.

Candid Carrie said...

I STILL skate across the kitchen floor in my socks during the Winter Olympics ;)

~Billie~ said...

Aww! How cute! My kids like watching the diving too. That, and the gymnastics are a big hit. LOL!

Just The Girl said...

We watched it too...kind of makes me want to try it too.

Good for her!

Lindsay said...

I say let her go for it!

I watched those, too, and all I kept thinking of was how terrified I'd be trying. And why the heck they never seemed to think handstand dives weren't that difficult. I want to see some of the judges fat rears up there trying to do that!

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