Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things I Learned Today!

Today has been a very iformative day for me. I have learned a few things about my children that I did not know, some good, some bad, and some just plain weird.

What, you ask are these things I've learned? Well I will tell you and in the order I learned them.

1. Ian has learned how to spit and for the past two weeks whenever he gets mad or upset with one of the kids at the sitter's house he spits on them. He has not done this at home so it was news to me. On a side note, if you have any suggestions on how to stop this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know.

2. Emma apparently picks the buggers out of Ian's nose on a regular basis. Just as I was getting ready to leave the sitter's house this morning I noticed Ian had a giant green bugger in his nose and I went to get it out of his nose (with a tissue), but he screamed and ran away from me. The sitter thought this was funny and I wasn't understanding why untill she told me that most days she will catch Emma picking Ian's nose for him. He doesn't scream or run away from her and she always puts them in a tissue and throws it in the trash when she's done so the sitter lets her do it.

3. On top of spitting on kids now Ian is also pinching nipples when he gets mad. Yes you heard me right pinching nipples! Let me just tell you all, this really hurts and I was shocked when he reached down and did it to me this evening. At that point Emma told me that Ian did that to her to and he learned it from one of the other boys at the sitter's house. I'm sure when I tell Dave he will be oh so proud but I am not so happy about the titi twister habit and it had better stop!

4. Emma has a new found facination with leaves. She doesn't care what kind, or shape, or if they are alive or dead she just likes them. I'm not sure what this means if anything all I know is when I went to get her clothes out to pack in her bag for tomorrow I came across a huge pile of leaves in her dresser drawer.

5. Last but not least Ian told me tonight that he will not use the potty anymore because he doesn't like it. This after he finally pooped in the potty a few days ago. We gave him tons and tons of praise and he even got a giant Kit Kat bar, or as he says Kittie Kat bar. I am really begining to think that he will have to be home schooled because he wont be potty trained by the time he is 5.

So there you have it!


Tiffany McCallen said...

Hoo boy! That Ian is one busy little man. I have no advice... but I will be happy to hear everyone else's! I know that Noah will do the same thing someday, so I appreciate any tricks too. Loved the booger part.... that's hilarious!

Lindsay said...

I don't have much advise on that one either?? sorry. I did see him spit when I was there yesterday though. As far as the leaves go it must be a new thing the girls are doing because This morning I put Madisyn's clothes in Mason's bag and she said she wanted to bring her bag because she had a surprise for Emma but she wouldn't show me what it was. When we got there she pulled out a plastic baggy full of flowers and leaves for Emma. I guess she collected it last night when we were outside but I had no idea! I'm sure Sheree loved that. I told them not to open them in the house. I can see crushed up weeds on the carpet. LOL!

JWilson said...

Ok she told me when I picked him up yesterday that he didn't spit.:(
Not that it matters because I don't think there is a whole I can do about it, I hope he grows out of it though.

I don't get the leaves thing at all, it's really weird and what even weirder is she was hiding it from me. If she really want to collect leaves and weeds I will get her a shoe box to put them in but not her dresser. :) It is funny and sweet that Mady got her some.

~Billie~ said...

Ahhh...the days of spitting and pinching boobies. Seems like so long ago. LOL! The boobie thing will go away on its own. Just keep saying no. LOL! As far as the spitting, something yucky on the mouth works. If you just touch your fingertip to the top of a Tabasco top, and then to their lips with a stern 'no spitting'...seems to work. Seems mean, but it only take a couple of times.

applejoos said...

Right about now, I'm just glad I have girls. Good luck with that!

Blarney said...

My Little Man wouldn't poop on the potty unless he had his special seat. Made for some interesting trips ... or constipated ones I should say. I think he had a fear of falling in back then. Thankfully he got over that before kindergarten!

JWilson said...

Billie, thanks for the advise I will have to try that, well I will let the sitter know she can do that.

AppleJoos, my daughter never did any of that either so I am in a state of shock right now.

Blarney, I have about 3 different kinds of potty chairs and he says no to all of them. Hopefully if it's a fear he will get over it really soon!