Monday, June 9, 2008

The Wilson's House

When I first started this blog I didn't post a picture in my profile for a couple of reasons. One being that I didn't know how yet (I'm a little slow with all this tech stuff), and two I didn't know what picture I would want up. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I had this thought that maybe it would be cute to use a picture of my house since my title is The Wilson's House. I decided that I would go outside and take some pictures of the front of our house just to see how they came out. That was a few weeks ago but I still wasn't sure if that was what I wanted to do. Finally I asked one of my friends and she said that was a cute idea. I sure hope she wasn't just saying that because I did it.

After I figured out how to add the picture and where to add it at I started thinking that maybe I should do a post about our house. I probably should have done one back in the beginning but it never crossed my mind until this weekend. So after some more consideration I thought what the heck.

So The Wilson's House isn't quite the Wilson's house. When Ian was born we were living in a two bedroom apartment. When I found out I was pregnant with him I had just gone back to work and we weren't in the position to buy a home, but we really didn't want to move to another apartment. So shortly after Ian was born we started looking for a house to rent. We were not having much luck, the house that were being rented were either way to expensive, or not very nice. The problem was that as each day went by Ian got bigger and took up more and more room in our tiny little apartment.

Then one day my friend emailed me asking if Dave and I were still looking for a house to rent in the Groveport area. Of course , yes, why? was my response to her. It just so happened that one of her co-workers owned a home in the Groveport area and with the market being so crummy they were having problems selling it so they wanted to rent it out. My wonderful friend sent us a few pictures of the house and Dave and I drove by it to see what the outside looked like. We liked what we saw on the outside but we could tell it was an older home so that combined with it being on the market for so long made us wonder. After about a week of thinking we decided to at least set up an appointment to look at it.

The minute we walked in we were hooked, we just had to have it. The only problem was that there was someone that possibly was interested in buying the home. After one very long week we got the phone call that the couple did not want to buy it which meant we could rent the house for 2 years. We were so excited!!!

I'm sure you are wondering what was so special about this house. Well other than the feeling of being home as soon as we walked in the door there were many reasons. Something that Dave and I have always agreed on is that we wanted to find an older home opposed to the new ones in the neighborhoods with the Home Owners Associations and all their rules, that are placed so close together and look the same. For any of you that own these I'm sure it's a great house just not for me and I am not trying to offend you in anyway.

As you can tell from the picture our house is defiantly not one of those. The house was built in 1861 and is the second oldest house in the village. The living room, dining room, and the kids bedrooms upstairs are the original part of the house. The kids room still have the original hard wood floors and the other rooms have the original base boards. These elements add allot of character and charm to our house. We also have the original trim around the windows and the previous owners did a great job in copying this aspect as they added additions and did renovations. Of course since the house was built there have been a few renovations and some additions added like Dave's office, and the master bedroom. The most recent renovation was done to the kitchen which I LOVE. It has gorgeous white cabinets and is actually pretty spacious.

We are also pretty lucky to have the yard we do. The front of the house sits pretty close to the street, which by the way is cobble stone, and it's nice that it does because we don't have a driveway so we park on the street. We also have a nice sized front porch with a cute swing on it.

Now onto one of the best features of the house, the backyard. It is huge an goes all the way to the alley behind us which means we don't back up to anyone. There is a cute little shed that has the same siding and trim as the house and a very nice patio that has a flower bed on each side with a picket style privacy fence that lines the back of the beds. This gives us some privacy from the neighbors on each side when we are sitting out there. Oh and our two neighbors are absolutely amazing, we really couldn't ask for more when it comes to them.

The longer we live in this house the more and more we want to own it. Of course there are things we don't like or we would like to change but I think that is just part of owning a home. If things work according to our plan then this time next year we will be purchasing this home and some of those projects will be begin. The thought of this makes me so excited and I pray every night that this is the right decision and it all works out. Growing up I always wanted to live in an older, even historical home and I can't believe I am.

So there you have it The Wilson's House (or soon to be Wilson's House). I hope you have enjoyed the tour!


Carrie said...

It is adorable, I like the little stones surrounding the front of the house, too.

JWilson said...

Well Thank you, and I love the stone lined flower beds out front. The beds themselves need a ton of work though and it has been a slow process.

Lindsay said...

What a cute little house! It has one of those great front porches you could put a swing on and watch people walk by. I wish we had one of those.

Kudos on the old house love. There's something to be said about the charm that comes with an older house. And they're so much more solidly built than some of the constructions you find these days. My husband would like to in the future get a custom built house on some land away from neighborhoods, but I just love the charm that my 45-year old house has.

applejoos said...

My dad builds houses like the ones you said you didn't want to live in. I wouldn't ever want to live their either. I don't want my house to be so close to someone else's house that I can reach out my window into their kitchen and borrow a cup of sugar. I need space. Pear and I call those places "People Farms".

~Billie~ said...

What a great house! Older houses have character! Mine is an older house, and I love some of the things that come with that. I don't like the plumbing & electrical problems though! LOL!!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

That's so funny you posted about your house because I was looking at your pic yesterday and admiring it! I agree on the 'pleasantville' neighborhoods' I like neighborhoods, just not cookie cutter and 2 ft apart with NO yards! I totally want an old charming home someday. So much character. Love it! I hope you get to fulfill all your dreams for it in the future.

Blarney said...

People who live in yellow houses ROCK! ;)

Tiffany McCallen said...

I love your house too, inside and out! If you could transplant your kitchen to mine, I'd be a happy camper. :)