Monday, June 30, 2008

Bikini Season

Since my MIL had the kids this weekend and the weather was stormy I decided to go to the store and get a couple of books.

I started out with Bikini Season by Shelia Roberts. This book is about 4 women friends all in different stages of their lives but they share the common goal of loosing weight. They knew in order to really do it they would have to stick together so they formed a club to help each other. The book takes you through each of there lives and the struggles they face while trying to loose the weight and also how it changes each of them.

I was really amazed at how well the author was able to convey each women's feelings and emotions during their process. At the beginning of this year I set out to loose weight and get in shape. It hasn't been an easy process for me. I was able to met my first goal about a month ago but since then I have slacked off even though I don't look the way I want to. This book has given me that kick start to get back on the horse and keep trying. The goal this time is not about weighing a certain amount or even about wearing a certain size in my clothes. This time it's about being healthy for myself so I can be around to see my great grandchildren one day.

So I would recommend this book to anyone who is or has struggled with weight loss or anyone who just enjoys a book about friendship and love.


~Billie~ said...

I need to get some books! I have been thinking about it lately too. This one may be right for me. I know all about weight struggles! LOL!!

Just The Girl said...

Thank you - I will pick it up this weekend - I love a good book.

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Oooh, that sounds like a good one! I think I'm going to get it too. And did you say your MIL had the kids the whole weekend?! I think I'm jealous.

JWilson said...

Yes my MIL is AWESOME and takes the kids one weekend a month. She lives about an hour away so she doesn't get to see them much and there her only grandchildren (hubbie is an only child). This month I got really lucky though and she took them twice.