Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Sissy Is Home

My Sissy (sister) is coming home today and I think (hope) she will be here for good!

Most of my childhood I hated my sister. She came home from the hospital screaming and didn't stop for a year. Once she was able to walk and talk her soul mission in life was to pick on me.

The summer between my junior and senior year and her 8th grade and freshman year we finally grew to like each other. Our brother Nick was spending the summer with our Grandma at her house and Maryland and our baby brother was at the babysitters. This meant that it was just Steph and I all day long. We made great lunches together, watched our soaps, and talked allot. It was probably the best summer I ever had.

Since then Steph and I have barley been in the same city. First I went away to college. I didn't move back until a little before her senior year. Then she left for college in Bowling Green for 4 years. After she graduated with her pre med degree she moved back to C-bus for 1 year while she took a few extra classes to help her chances of getting into PA school. I didn't really get to see her much during that year because she found a job as a sleep tech which meant she worked third shift and if she wasn't at home sleeping during the day she was at school. Then Steph got accepted to the PA program in Marietta and she moved her little butt down there.

That move took place a year ago at this time, and she has spent the last year going to school all day studying all kinds if medical stuff (I don't get any of it). The second year of the PA program is spent doing rotations so the school stations the students in different parts of the state. Steph was lucky enough to be stationed in C-Bus. It almost didn't happen because they were having problems finding a place for her to do her orthopedic round, so our baby brothers dad stepped in and got her on at his office which just happens to be one of the best Orthopedic offices in the city.

I was so happy when I found out she was going to be coming home! I have missed my sissy so much and my kids just love their cool Aunt Stephy. We already have our first event scheduled, Sex and the City here we come. :)


Lindsay said...

That's great that she is back! Me and my sister are a lot closer now too, not so much growing up. We talk at least twice a week now! :)

Tiffany McCallen said...

Hooray! You and Steph enjoy yourselves. I know I miss my sis in Wisconsin so much these days...

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Ok, I'm not super close to my sis. I'm the annoying younger one! Way to go to yours though for finishing up that first year of PA school. The 2nd year is soooooo much better. My hubby loves it now.