Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some Fun Adult Only Time

Last night Dave and I had a nice night out with a friend and my little sissy. My MIL too the kids for the weekend which is always so nice of her. So Dave and I took full advantage of that and had a blast.

We all went to the Funny Bone (comedy club)to see Kevin Polluck. Let me just tell you the man is hysterical and he does and unbelievable impression of Christopher Walken. If you've never heard it head on over to UTube. If I knew how to put the video on my post I would, but I'm not that smart when it comes to technology and my hubbie isn't up yet to help me (yes I know it's sad).

The opening comic was Tom Simmons who was pretty darn funny himself. He was selling t-shirts when we left that say I Hate People and any of you that know Dave know that is the perfect shirt for him so he bought one.

After the show we stopped by my sissy's new apartment. Just a quick note on my sister she is in Grad School to be a Physicians Assistant (almost a doctor). she just finished her first year which was all the classroom stuff. In about 2 weeks she will begin all her rotations and hands on learning and she was able to be posted here in Columbus, so she's back! :))) So we went to see her and her roommates place and let me just say that the house itself is amazing but the area not so good. She is about three or four blocks from the Ghetto. We did find out that since the Red Cross is so close to her house they have security that drives by every 15 minutes and the parking lot for the business across the street has a guard stationed 24 hours a day.

After we left her house we headed down to the Arena District and had some drinks at Gordon Beirsch. This is the second time Dave and I have been there and I think it's becoming a favorite place. Neither Dave or I like those club like places, we like to go somewhere to relax and talk. I also like to go somewhere where I don't feel uncomfortable because I am clothed. These girls now days where no clothes when they go out. It's so much worse than just short shorts. Anyway so we went and had some drinks and some conversation for a few hours before we headed home.

All in all it was a wonderful evening our with friends and a much needed break for both Dave and I.


Carrie said...

Sounds like an awesome and well deserved date night. I love stand up comedians and KP is hilarious, how cool to see him live.

Lindsay said...

Sounds like fun. It's always nice to have adult time!