Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Emergency Notice

Sorry I was MIA yesterday but it may be a few more days like that because Ike decided to go through Texas and Oklahoma then into the jet stream which rolled right thru Central Ohio. So Sunday night we have 80 plus mile an hour winds come in that lasted for about 4 or so hours.

We have been without power since 5 pm Sunday evening and it is looking like it will be Thursday before it's back on.

Once we are back up in running I will have a nice post with lots of pictures for you all to enjoy.


Tabi said...

I'm in texas and we just went through that storm! I will be praying for your electric to be back on!

Emily said...

I do not know how in the hell we have power. Do you want to come over? I am seriuos, pack up Dave, Emma and Ian and head over, invite is open.
I am glad you are all okay.

Tabi said...

Hey come on over to my blog...got something for you!