Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mini Me

As long as this isn't the first time you have read my blog you know that Emma looks exactly like me. Well she had more of me than just her looks.

She loves to do crafts.

Any kind of craft she loves it, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, you name it she likes it.

For Emma's first birthday I had to make her invitations because the theme was raggedy Ann & Andy. That was her nursery and she loved the dolls so it just made sense for that to be the theme of her 1st birthday. Back then it was hard to find birthday invitations so I made them. Little did I know that would start a tradition of home made birthday invitations.

Each year since then Emma has picked her birthday theme and I have made the invitations to match that theme. This year she asked if she could make them herself. Now she can't write well enough to fill out the information so I said I would do that but she could do everything else.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the craft store in search of things to make Princess themed birthday invitations. Emma found some Disney Princess foam stickers and then she picked out some pastel pink invitations with matching envelopes. I also got a fuchsia pink gel pen and a lavender ink pad.

Tonight Emma and I sat down and made her invitations. I used the lavender ink and a your Invited stamp on the inside, then I wrote all the information in the fuchsia ink. The next step was for Emma to decided which stickers she wanted to use and where she wanted to put them. After a great deal of thought Emma decided to put one of the oval stickers with three of the princess's on the front and then on the inside of each invitation she put either a flower of a start sticker.

I took a few pictures but because of the light pink color of them they didn't turn out the great but I think you will get the idea.



I think for a 4 year old's design they turned out very well and I'm really proud of Emma.


Kelly said...

I agree, she did a great job!!!

Tabi said...

Good Job Emma!! That is so cute that she is striving to be just like her momma!

Come by my site and join in on the fun...got a contest going on!

Emily said...

She IS totally you! I love it!

Tiffany McCallen said...

Miss Emma, you're quite the crafty crafter too! :)

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Holy Smokes!! I like crafts too but as much as my boys love to help and play too they don't know the maning of the saying 'too much of a good thing' They could never have restrained themselves at only two stickers! It would be more like some paper with your stickers.
She did so great!!!

Candid Carrie said...

Well, well. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail ;)

Alright, I am just kidding. Is Aunt Pat going to be there? will there be follow up pictures? Monkey bread for breakfast?

Blarney said...

Great stuff! Can the Mom & Daughter team come over and make my Daughter's? She's a Tom Boy at heart so it's getting harder as the years go by.