Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lost Friends

This past weekend was Dave's 10 year class reunion. He was not made aware of it until a few days before and decided that he didn't want to go for a number of reasons. Him having his reunion means that mine will be next year at this time. Whenever I think about my High School Class I can't help but think about my ex-best friend “B” and the horrible rumor she spread about Dave and me.

"B" and I met on the school bus during our 7th grade year. She lived in my neighborhood but up until the 7th grade she had attended Private school. It didn't take long for us to become very good friends and then BFF's. We did just about everything together. As we got older "B" becomes very involved with a guy and I became someone to do something with when he was busy. That was not an easy thing to deal with but I did. Things got harder when "B" started cheating on this guy because their relationship was never a good one. I would probably describe it as a Love/Hate relationship. I think the only good thing that those two did together was set Dave and I up, other than that it was mostly lots of fights.

Once Dave and I started dating I was not available whenever she wanted me to be and we started fighting allot. We spent a few months not speaking to each other at all because of it. We eventually fixed things between us but it was never the same. Most of the time I felt like I tried and tried to do things with her and talk to her but there was always a guy that was more important than me. After a couple of years of this I finally gave up. I slowly stopped asking her to do things, then I stopped calling just to talk, and when she would call me I was usually doing something else with other friends or Dave.

Our senior year things got really rough for "B" their weren't as many guys for her to mess around with because she had gotten the reputation for being a bit of a skank. Most girls hated her because she had either messed around with their boyfriend or they were scared she was going to so she didn’t have many girlfriends. I think this made her lonely so she started calling me more and more but I had moved on and I was busy doing other things.

When I was younger I had allot of problems with Strep Throat and it would usually put me down for about a week. During one of these spells our senior year "B" decided to spread a rumor through the entire school that Dave was abusive to me and that all of my “accidents” weren’t really accidents. “B” used a bunch of different examples of how he was abusive but the only one I remember was that he drug me down my stairs by my hair. I guess this wasn’t extreme enough or even hurtful enough for her because she also told everyone that Dave was forcing me to have sex with him.

Now anyone that truly knows me or Dave would know that this wasn’t true at all. First off I was not the type of girl to take crap from anyone, I’m still not. Second there is the fact that while Dave has a temper he would never hit a woman. Third, I was the biggest klutz on the face of the earth and most of my injuries happened when I had at least one witness if not more. Fourth, I was the one that decided when Dave and I had sex. Dave and I had talked about it a few times but he always told me that it was up to me when and if we did it. Unfortunately for me people believed her and by the time I got back to school everyone had heard this nasty rumor.


Tiffany McCallen said...

Holy moses! This makes me NOT miss high school one tiny bit. I was a rumor victim myself, so I can absolutely relate. Thank goodness for growing up and moving away!

Tabi said...

Oh the joys of high school! I hated high school and believe me it's tons worse when you live in a small podunk town!

Emily said...

Once high school, always it seems, that SUCKS!
Hence why I vow to not to them.
You are a brave soul!

Blarney said...

Whoa! What drama! Anywho ~ one would think that after a certain amount of time people grow up enough to accept their mistakes and move on.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh man...I remember when I had my high school reunion. I didn't want to go! One of my friends made me and it wasn't so bad. The ones I wasn't psyched about seeing wasn't there! I guess they figured no one else wanted to see them either!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

LOL! Wow, I was thinking how much you reminded me that HS can suck. Obviously, I'm not the only one. Thank Goodness for that ending. I did not go to any reunions and neither did my hubby. Then again we move...a lot. ;)

Kelly said...

NICE! I too had a skanky BFF in the beginning of high school. Luckily I cued into her and separated myself from that whole scene...Love that highschool is over!!

Candid Carrie said...

We just went to a funeral for an acquantance of ours. He was a year behind me in high school plus my husband had worked with him for about ten years so we felt obligated to go.

Long story short, class reunions people take prep time and get their hair and nails done and tan in advance and wax and have make overs ... well for funerals that are on the spur of the moment ... these girls looked like hell. And not because of the mourning. They just looked really crappy. Granted we are thirty years out of high school, but still when all the glam isn't going on they looked just as trashy as they did in the olden days.