Monday, September 22, 2008

Watch Your Step!?

My awesome MIL had the kids this past weekend which meant Dave and I could spend some time together. Saturday after the Buckeye game I went to the grocery store to restock my fridge with all the food we lost during the power outage and I got a few special things for our dinner. I made a great pasta dish with garlic bread and some great Merlot. When Dave walked in the door the table was set with lots of candles, our wedding china, and Frank Sinatra was playing through the sounds system. It was a nice very nice dinner but shortly after we were finished eating Dave informed me that he had talked to his uncle on his way home and told him we would go out to the bar with him to have a few drinks.

I was kind of bummed about this because I had planned for an evening in with just the two of us. After dinner was supposed to be a movie of my choice (Dave owed me) most likely a romantic comedy. I could tell Dave was wanting t go out so I sucked it up and we went to the bar.

Now Dave and I may be in our 20's but neither of us have ever liked the club scene. we prefer the whole in the wall type places where everybody know your name. Thankfully his uncle has a knack for finding the good whole in the walls. The one Saturday night was having Karaoke which is why I think Dave wanted to go. See Dave used to go out every Friday night with the guys and sometimes me to karaoke. He is really good at it and enjoys it. I had kind of forgot how much I enjoyed watching and listening to him.

We got to the bar around 9 and stayed until almost 1. I had a few drinks while we were there which of course meant I had to use the restroom. You can only hold it for so long before you eyes start to float and you have not choice. I hate going to the bathroom in bars because you never know what your going to find. I was surprised when I first walked in.

It was clean - check

There was no foul odor - check

The stall had toilet paper - check

death trap - check

Ok death trap may be a little harsh but let me show you the sign on the back of the stall door.

Now let me show you what that sign is referring to.

In case you can't tell that is a fairly large step to get in and out of the bathroom stall. To make it worse the door to that particular stall barley opens because the sink is right outside and there is a small trash can between the sink and the door. While I was hoovering over the toilet to pee I couldn't help but laugh because I started thinking about how many women have probably fallen down trying to get out. I mean really if you are drunk this is a death trap and I can't figure out why they would have designed their bathroom like that. As you can tell I also knew I had to share this with all of you and immediately pulled my camera out and snapped these pictures for you.

I also must show you all what I received in the mail today from Tabi at Tabi Rambles On.... See last week (or maybe it was the week before I can't remember) she had a contest to see who could guess the weight of her daughter and I won. The prize was a gift card to sonic to try the Java chiller. I was very surprise to find a small box from her on my porch when I got home. I was expecting a regular envelope with the gift card.

In the box was an awesome coffee mug, the gift card, and cute little card with a note. I took the picture so you all could see exactly what I got. Thanks Tabi I love it and I can't wait to go to Sonic!


Tabi said...

Ok before you even mentioned it in your post all I could do was laugh and think of the drunk women falling over in this death trap!! It's bad enough with sober people let alone drunk ones! Love it!

You are very welcome for the coffee goodies! I hope you enjoy it and have a cup for me too!!

Lindsay said...

Wow that's dangerous if you are drunk or not drunk??? Where is that at?

Love the coffee cup very cute!

~Billie~ said...

LOL! I can totally picture drunk ladies falling too! How funny is that?! Can you imagine some of them?? LOLOL!!

Mom to 3 Monkeys said...

Oh ya do bar bathrooms stink. And by that I mean it seems like every single one is an after thought. Point in case, the mysterious step. Haha, I totally see the drunken dilemna. I rarely drink to the point of drunkeness and that step...I'd be sure to miss it while sober too. Too funny you took a pic though~!

Tiffany McCallen said...

So glad you weren't so tipsy that you bit the dust! :)